Sheriff’s Deputy Resigns After Being Caught Stealing Drugs, Toys

By Victoria Kim 02/02/16

The Meeker County sheriff's office does not believe any other employees were involved in the scandalous crime.

Sheriff’s Deputy Resigns After Being Caught Stealing Drugs, Toy Drive Toys
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Meeker County sheriff’s deputy Travis Sebring is facing multiple felony and misdemeanor counts of theft and drug possession after his recent history of stealing a strange array of items, including prescription medication from a drug take back box, has been brought to light by investigators. 

Sebring has since resigned from his post as a Meeker County deputy, which he has held since 2009, the sheriff’s office announced last Thursday (Jan. 28), the day he appeared in court.

The criminal complaint against Sebring cites video surveillance footage proving he stole multiple times from a prescription drugs drop box, which is meant for the public to drop off excess prescription medication for proper disposal. As a deputy, he had a key to the box. According to the complaint, authorities “saw a pattern of Sebring digging in the box, taking out a bag, leaving [the] view of the camera, and then returning and placing the bag back in the box" upon reviewing video surveillance of the box.

When sheriff’s investigators left two bottles of acetaminophen hydrocodone pills in a plastic bag in the drop box, Sebring was seen taking the bag from the box just half an hour later. When confronted by investigators, he admitted to stealing from the drop box for up to a year for his personal use. When he was questioned, he had three Methylin pills (a stimulant used to treat ADHD) in the pocket of his pants. The missing hydrocodone was found in his squad car, as well as two bottles of medication not prescribed to Sebring containing tramadol, an opioid painkiller.

Sebring stole not only pills from the drug drop box, he was also seen taking two full garbage bags of Christmas toys from a county toy drive on Dec. 19, which would have been donated to families in need.

Sebring was also caught on video stealing a wooden chair from the courthouse and leaving with it in his squad car on Jan. 2. 

He has admitted to taking the toys and the chair as well. He said he gave the toys to family members.

A search of his home by authorities turned up all of the stolen items: several toys, more than 100 prescription drug tablets, and the wooden chair.

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