Selma Blair Opens Up About Alcoholism, Mental Health Struggles

By David Konow 05/24/18

In a recent Instagram post, Blair got candid about dealing with postpartum depression, anxiety and alcoholism.

Selma Blair

Many celebrities have used social media as a way of speaking out to the world about their mental health struggles, and now Selma Blair has posted a candid confession on Instagram about her lengthy battles with alcoholism, postpartum depression, and anxiety.

Blair reflects on moving to Los Angeles over 20 years ago to make it as an actress, and then makes her big revelation: “I battled alcoholism and depression and anxiety. I am now winning that battle. Hi [to] a much better life!” 

After the birth of her son Arthur, Blair wrestled with postpartum depression for four years.

“Crippling anxiety. I fell apart. The last moment being very public. I was sorry. I was humbled. I stayed humble.” (Blair is apparently referring to an incident in June 2016 when she was removed from a plane after she took “a combination of prescription medication with alcohol,” according to People.)

Blair told Mother Muse that after she gave birth she was “exhausted from an intense and problematic and long labor… I couldn’t recover and didn’t know whom to turn to... I remember walking up to two mothers in the parking lot of Bristol Farms while I was out on a walk with Arthur in his sling. They were talking and laughing with their little ones in strollers. Bleary eyed from fatigue and depression, I cried to them… ‘How do you do this? How will it be better?’ They looked at me blankly. No exchange.”

That moment made Blair feel “so stupid and alone,” but she eventually heard from other women who were also struggling on Instagram (“I found support on these pages” with “so many other moms”) and their help and empathy gave her the strength to continue. “I got better,” she wrote. “The weight of grief began to lift.”

Which isn’t to say she’s completely cured. “I still struggle,” she continued. “I cry quietly so as not to wake my child.”

Blair ended her Instagram post with cautious optimism, clearly aware that life can continue to throw curveballs her way.

“I have always been an actress,” she concludes. “An actress who hasn’t had hope I will really work again. Now, when I finally have a well to draw from. It could all change on some Tuesday afternoon. For better or worse. I want to have hope again… Maybe miracles will happen.” 

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