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Nothing about the exterior of this facility resembles what one pictures when they think of the word “rehab.” The campus has sections that look like a state park, with walking trails, wooded areas and carefully placed benches.

Location : 133 Polk Lane PO Box 5055 Seabrook, New Jersey 08302
Phone : 856-455-7575
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Introduction and Basic Services

Seabrook is a New Jersey based drug and alcohol rehab that has been around since 1974. The original founders, Jerry and Peg Diehl, opened Seabrook after many years of Jerry struggling with addiction and finally finding peace in recovery through Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). The Diehls became aware that addicts who were experiencing relapses needed a safe environment to be clean long enough for it to stick. That idea eventually led the family to the vacant estate of Charles F. Seabrook, a former pioneer in the frozen food industry. Ultimately this became the main campus of Seabrook.

Today, Seabrook has a multitude of treatment services, including detox, residential, outpatient and a long term extended care program. The Seabrook Model is solidly based in the 12 steps of AA, and offers a number of complementary holistic approaches, education, wellness programs and recreation. In addition to traditional treatment programs for addicts, there are also specialty tracks for young adults, nurses and those who are in need of Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT).

Facility and Meals

The stunning estate that houses the main treatment facility and residences for clients sits on just over 40 acres in the sleepy town of Bridgeton. Nothing about the exterior of this facility resembles what one pictures when they think of the word “rehab.” The campus has sections that look like a state park, with walking trails, wooded areas and carefully placed benches. The grounds leading up to the main house are carefully manicured with bright flowers and towering trees. The walkway that clients pass as they approach the front door has a multi-tiered stone water fountain, and a charming gazebo.

There are 146 beds in total at Seabrook, with about 51 of them dedicated to detox. Clients stay in quaint, colonial style homes spread out on the property. Clients generally share bedrooms, which are huge, with one or two other people. However, there are suites and private, en suite bedrooms available for an added fee. The decor feels like a Norman Rockwell painting—very New England, tidy and upscale. The facilities are very comfortable, and clients are provided with dressers and closet space.

The communal lounge is used during down times in between groups or activities. It has a big screen mounted TV, couches and a pinball machine.

Clients eat together in the shared dining room for all three meals. Seabrook has a chef who prepares gourmet meals with a couple of different options for lunch and dinner. A well stocked salad bar is open during the afternoon and evening meals. The menus usually include a combination of chicken, pasta, steak or fish. Clients with dietary restrictions are accommodated, as are those who are vegan or vegetarian.

Healthy snacks are readily available throughout the day. Caffeine is a no-go at Seabrook however, though they do serve decaf.

Treatment Protocol and Team

For most the first stop at Seabrook is the detox facilities for withdrawal management. While this is usually a very unpleasant experience, clients are monitored around the clock by medical professionals who supply the correct combination of medications to ease the individual through the roughest parts of withdrawal. During this stage of treatment as clients begin to feel better and stabilize, there are group sessions they can attend along with relapse prevention and psychoeducation.

The next phase of treatment, which typically lasts between 30 and 35 days on average, entails a combination of group and individual therapy, 12-step support, wellness programs, education, and holistic therapies. The Seabrook Model is comprised of a four tier system, starting with detox and ending in the maintenance, extended care phase. While the standard program length is a little over a month, clients commonly stay in treatment between six and seven weeks.

The transitional phase is folded into the outpatient program at Seabrook. There are outpatient facilities associated with this facility throughout New Jersey and one in Pennsylvania. Outpatient treatment offers a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) and an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP). While in outpatient clients attend individual and group therapy, and are access to MAT.

Once the initial phase of treatment is complete, there is an option to move onto the aftercare, or extended care program. This is a long term sober living situation of around 35 weeks to a year. Clients focus on healthy living and getting used to being sober in a supportive environment. They attend regular AA meetings and have a sponsor.

Seabrook actively encourages clients to continue on with some sort of counseling, whether it’s in a group setting, one on one or with family members. The outpatient program is also an option when clients don’t want to live at home in the early stages of recovery.

During extended care clients live in a five bedroom, three bathroom home with private and semi private accomodations, and a three bedroom cottage. These facilities are really spacious and provide access to a private, state of the art gym, personal trainer, game room, lounge, cable TV and internet. As clients are learning how to live in acclimate to society they can bring their cell phones and personal devices.

Seabrook employs a huge staff of clinicians, techs, house managers, assistants and educators. Staff are comprised of LCADCs, LPCs, CADCs, LCSWs, MSWs, APNs, DOs, physicians, psychologists and psychiatrists.

Bonus Amenities

Clients work out in the gym on campus, which has a combination of machines and free weights. If running on a treadmill doesn’t sound appealing, there is also a room dedicated to yoga.

The main campus has several recreational and social activities for clients in the extended care program. This includes beach trips, kayaking, going to the theater or ballet, movie nights, bowling, crafting, and volunteering twice a month. In addition clients get massages, and experience equine therapy, music therapy and a ropes course.


Seabrook was founded with the one goal in mind; to give addicts a safe place to learn how to get and stay sober. The grounds are lovely and programming renowned. Clients also have the option to move forward in their treatment with continued support, live in a facility that continues with the programming ideals, and get a great head start in recovery.

Seabrook Location

133 Polk Lane PO Box 5055

Seabrook, New Jersey (NJ)

(856) 455-7575

Seabrook Cost

$27,500 (90 day program)

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