Roseanne Barr Set to Open Large MMJ Dispensary Called ‘Roseanne’s Joint’

By Victoria Kim 02/15/16

The 63-year-old comedian and actress has been public about her use of medical marijuana for her glaucoma and macular degeneration, which is causing her to go blind.

Roseanne Barr Set to Open Large MMJ Dispensary Called ‘Roseanne’s Joint’
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Roseanne Barr is back in the news with her latest venture, a medical marijuana dispensary, on the heels of fellow Hawaii resident and celeb Woody Harrelson, who applied to open one of Hawaii’s first MMJ dispensaries.

Barr, who currently resides on a 46-acre macadamia nut farm in Big Island, Hawaii (the setting of her short-lived reality TV show about life on the farm, Roseanne’s Nuts), teamed up with her former attorney, Aaron Herzberg, to open Roseanne’s Joint in California. It is one of 20 facilities that won a city lottery last year, allowing it to apply to operate in Santa Ana. (Rapper B-Real of Cypress Hill also won a spot in the lottery, in hopes of opening his dispensary, Dr. Greenthumb, which pays homage to a Cypress Hill track by the same name.)

Roseanne’s Joint will sell unique medical marijuana strains and products like cannabis-infused chocolate-covered macadamia nuts grown on her farm in Hawaii, said Herzberg. 

“She’s very spiritual, she’s very holistic, she’s extremely into natural remedies, and I can tell you that she believes very strongly that marijuana is medicine,” said Herzberg. “And she wants us to educate patients in a way that I don’t think many other dispensaries are doing, and make it a safe and comfortable environment.”

Barr is no stranger to cannabis advocacy. In 2012, she ran for president as the Peace and Freedom Party candidate with the slogan “Yes We Cannabis.”

“I’m proud to be a cultural pioneer at the forefront of another wave of progress! And we’re proud of the city of Santa Ana as we continue to move into the era of recognizing cannabis as the natural, therapeutic, herbal substance medical science has proven it to be,” Barr said in a statement. “Roseanne’s Joint will be a responsible, contributing member of, and addition to, the community.”

Construction on Roseanne's Joint, which will be larger than the average dispensary at 5,000 square feet, is expected to be done by late April, according to Herzberg. 

“We think it will bring credibility and a good name, and frankly, good values,” said Herzberg. “But we also hope that it will create within the community a sense that marijuana is here to stay in California, that it’s getting legitimized and that serious names are coming to the table.”

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