Puddle Of Mudd Abandon Lead Singer Wes Scantlin After Latest On-Stage Meltdown

By McCarton Ackerman 03/30/16

Scantlin reportedly drank alcohol and bragged to fans about using crack cocaine after his band members left the stage.

Puddle Of Mudd Abandon Lead Singer Wes Scantlin After Latest On-Stage Meltdown

The future of grunge band Puddle of Mudd is now uncertain after lead singer Wes Scantlin’s latest substance-fueled meltdown prompted all of his bandmates to walk off stage during a show.

The gig took place on March 22 at the Diamond Live Lounge in Doncaster, England. Video of the show posted to YouTube shows Scantlin, 43, sitting shirtless on a wooden chair and giving his bandmates the middle finger as they walked off stage. As he continued to ramble into the microphone, the crowd of 500 grew increasingly agitated, with cries of “Fuck you” and “You’re a disgrace.” Scantlin’s microphone was eventually cut off, but he continued to sit on the chair and talk. According to the Doncaster Free Press, the singer was drinking from a bottle of liquor on stage and boasted about being high on crack cocaine.

He further enraged fans two nights later at a gig in Gloucester, England. The Gloucester Guildhall’s Facebook page was flooded with fans who reported that Scantlin was in no condition to perform and that the band “somehow managed to carry the wasted lead singer through the set…just!” But despite the ongoing band drama, Puddle of Mudd played three more shows before concluding their UK tour on Sunday in London.

Scantlin’s on-stage meltdowns have practically been standard protocol over the last year. He walked off stage after just one song during a gig in Pennsylvania, accusing the venue’s soundman of “ruining everybody’s night,” then left the stage again a month later at a show in Ohio in February after accusing a fan of stealing his house. Last June, the band even briefly deleted their Facebook page after being booed off stage during a separate show in Ohio. Scantlin reportedly lip-synced throughout the gig in Versailles and was forced to sit for most of the set from being so intoxicated.

His troubles have also involved numerous run-ins with the law. Scantlin has been arrested on six different occasions since January 2015. He was arrested for DUI last July after leading sheriff deputies in Renville County, Minn. on a high-speed chase that reached 100 miles per hour. Scantlin reportedly recorded a breathalyzer four times over the legal limit. Ten days later, he was arrested again for DUI in Sturgis, S.D. A third behind-the-wheel arrest took place last December in Beverly Hills, Calif. after police found a controlled substance in his car.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Scantlin is the only remaining original member of Puddle of Mudd still in the band. The group has sold over seven million albums since first forming in 1991.

On Tuesday afternoon, Puddle of Mudd's official Twitter account posted this update: "I can play 1,000 killer shows but nobody writes about that. Social media and the press do anything they can to spin nonsense . #gotrump" 

Warning: The video below contains graphic language.

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