Pasadena Recovery Center

By The Fix staff 06/13/19

Pasadena Recovery Center provides upscale accommodations and a tailored treatment curriculum for men and women struggling with alcohol and substance use disorders, all at a relatively affordable price.

Pasadena Recovery Center
Location : 1811 North Raymond Avenue 91103
Phone : 866-663-3030
Price : $9,000 - $11,000 / month
Overall :
Accommodations :
Treatment :
Food :
Insurance : Yes
Detox : Yes

Introduction and Basic Services

Located minutes from Los Angeles, California, Pasadena Recovery Center is a premier treatment facility that provides comprehensive, individualized treatment for men and women struggling with alcohol and substance use disorders. The facility specializes in dual diagnosis support for individuals suffering from co-occurring physical and mental health conditions such as chronic pain, depression, anxiety and trauma. Founded in 2000 by psychiatrist Dr. Lee Bloom with his son and daughter, Pasadena Recovery Center offers an integrative treatment approach and a continuum of care that includes a medical detox, a 30 day residential program, Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) and standard outpatient services. The 12-step recovery model is a foundational component of the programming. Medication management and medical services are available for dual diagnosis support.

Facility and Meals

Pasadena Recovery Center is located in the quaint, historic district of Pasadena, about a 10 minute drive from the famous Rose Bowl. The facility is situated in a sprawling, upscale one-story building surrounded by palm trees and scenic landscaping. Pasadena Recovery Center has 98 beds. Residents share a bedroom equipped with two full-sized beds, nice linen and comforter. Each client has a nightstand, dresser and closet space. The rooms are well-lit with a view and an ensuite bathroom.

The facility provides plenty of amenities including a comfortable common room with a foosball table, an outdoor patio and a large swimming pool with beach chairs and umbrellas. Private bedrooms are available for an extra fee. There is no maid service. Clients are expected to keep their room tidy.

Residents at Pasadena Recovery Center enjoy a variety of healthy and delicious meals prepared fresh daily by an on-site executive chef and culinary team. With plenty of food options available, clients with specific dietary restrictions, allergies or preferences are in good hands.

Treatment Protocol and Team

Pasadena Recovery Center provides comprehensive care for individuals struggling with a range of alcohol and substance use disorders including painkillers, cocaine and Adderall as well as persons with co-occurring disorders beyond substance abuse. The facility does not believe that one model of treatment fits all clients. Rather, the team provides tailored treatment programming. Before making a commitment, clients are encouraged to call the facility for a short conversation before beginning treatment to get a feel for the environment and curriculum.

During intake, individuals go through an extensive evaluation that includes a complete account of substance use, a thorough medical history as well as an overview of their current circumstances. From there, the Pasadena Recovery Center team designs an individualized treatment strategy customized to address the unique needs and goals of the client. In addition, clients are typically paired with a veteran resident to smooth their transition.

When necessary, individuals immediately transfer into the detox program before beginning the residential phase. The facility provides a comprehensive medical detox program that rids the body of substances and toxins. Clients are kept comfortable and at ease while receiving around-the-clock medical supervision as well as the medication necessary to curb unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. Toward the end of the detox process, clients participate in individual and group therapy. Upon completion, clients typically move straight into the residential program.

Pasadena Recovery Center provides a multi-pronged treatment approach that integrates an array of therapeutic and medical services. While the 12-step recovery model is the cornerstone of the programming, the facility also incorporates supplemental therapy, holistic practices, psychoeducation, relapse prevention and recreation. Clients participate in twice a week individual therapy and daily group therapy with veteran therapists. Psychoeducation classes focus on a range of pertinent topics including gender and cultural-specific issues, gratitude, dealing with grief and loss, and managing stress and anger. Relapse prevention is a key aspect of the programming. As a result, clients learn coping techniques to help the transition back into regular life.

While the length of residential care varies from client to client, the program typically lasts 30 days. There are shorter, accelerated tracks available.

As previously mentioned, the facility offers a comprehensive IOP for individuals transitioning out of the residential phase as well as clients that cannot commit to inpatient care but still require consistent therapy. With individual and group therapy scheduled three days a week, IOP is an excellent option for clients that cannot take time away from work or school. In addition, IOP allows individuals to stay at home, or at a sober living alternative. After completing the IOP, many clients continue with outpatient services. Pasadena Recovery Center provides step-down outpatient treatment that includes about five hours of therapy a week.

Pasadena Recovery Center employs a diverse team of experienced professionals. The well-rounded staff includes Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT)s, addiction specialists, mental health professionals, a yoga instructor, a physician and a psychiatrist.

Bonus Amenities

A yoga instructor comes in three times a week. In addition, acupuncture and massage therapy are available. Music therapy is very popular as well. Programming also offers life and job skills training to empower clients for future endeavors.

Pasadena Recovery Center places a premium on fun and recreation. Many clients participate in a softball league with other rehabilitation facilities. Also, a walk to the Rose Bowl is a popular weekly exercise.


Pasadena Recovery Center provides upscale accommodations and a tailored treatment curriculum for men and women struggling with alcohol and substance use disorders. At a relatively affordable price, the facility not only offers a haven for individuals beginning their recovery journey but also an array of holistic treatments, recreational activities and talk therapies incorporated into a 12-step immersion.

A family-owned business, the facility offers a continuum of care that includes detox, residential and IOP as well as comprehensive dual diagnosis care for persons with co-occurring disorders. Pasadena Recovery Center is an excellent option for anyone seeking structure, upscale accommodations, an expert team and an integrative approach.

Pasadena Recovery Center Location

1811 North Raymond Avenue
Pasadena, California 91103

(866) 663-3030

Pasadena Recovery Center Cost

$9,000-$11,000 (30 days). Most major insurances accepted.

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