Oasis Renewal Center

By The Fix staff 08/22/17

A stay at Oasis Renewal Center provides just the break from the day to day that most residents need to re-center themselves and begin the recovery process. 

Oasis Renewal Center
Location : 14913 Cooper Orbit Road Little Rock, AR 72223
Phone : (501) 376-2747
Price : $15,000 (30 days)
Overall :
Accommodations :
Treatment :
Food :
Insurance : Yes
Detox : No

Introduction and Basic Services

Much like a desert oasis, Oasis Renewal Center provides relief and serenity when it is most needed. Located in Little Rock, Arkansas, Oasis Renewal Center specializes in treating co-occurring disorders. With a diverse mix of treatment including evidence-based practices and 12-step programming, Oasis Renewal Center welcomes men and women aged 18 and up.

Facility and Meals

Babbling brooks and winding rivers spill out into three surrounding placid lakes of cool fresh water on Oasis’ campus. Residents walk along trailheads reflecting on their stay, and rest at night inside rustic log cabin gender-specific dorms. The 48 acres belonging to Oasis Renewal Center are quiet and remote, so clients have plenty of privacy. There are a total of 24 beds available.

Meals are developed and prepared by a special Oasis Renewal Center chef and all dietary requirements are accounted for—each individual’s needs are always a top priority at Oasis Renewal Center.

Treatment Protocol and Team

Against the pastoral backdrop of Oasis Renewal Center, the staff works around the clock to ensure clients receive the best care possible. While Oasis Renewal Center does not offer detox, it can easily make referrals to local hospitals in order for incoming clients to receive those services. Typical stays are from four to six weeks in length.

Through individual and group process therapy, all residents works through three levels of treatment: identifying and assessing areas of concern, developing skills for managing addiction and finalizing a workable plan going forward. In addition to therapy, and with the help of their peers, residents also begin working the first five of the 12 steps while in treatment. Speaker meetings are a highlight for those staying at Oasis Renewal Center.

The staff at Oasis Renewal Center is highly credentialed, including LCSW, ICADC, CADC, CIT, LMSW and Master’s-level degrees. The ratio of staff to clients is intimate, and a doctor and psychiatrist work on site with all residents during their stay. An experienced interventionist is available to help family members and employers as well, encouraging Al-anon meetings and workshops.

Cell phones are not allowed at Oasis Renewal Center, to ensure all residents fully receive a retreat from a less nurturing outside world.

Bonus Amenities

One of the real advantages to Oasis Renewal Center’s remote location is the break from day to day life. Oasis Renewal Center staff encourages all residents to send mail to family and friends during their stay, one of the many ways to relish the steady, safe pace of life at Oasis Renewal Center.


A stay at Oasis Renewal Center provides just the break from the day to day that most residents need to re-center themselves and begin the recovery process. For those at home in the woods or craving a connection to nature, Oasis Renewal Center is a solid choice. In terms of luxury-level treatment in the state of Arkansas, this is one of the finest and most affordable options available.

Oasis Renewal Center

14913 Cooper Orbit Road

Little Rock, AR 72223

(501) 376-2747

[email protected]

Oasis Renewal Center Cost: $15,000 (30 days); accepts insurance. Find Oasis Renewal Center on Facebook and Pinterest

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