Nick Jonas Talks Mental Health, Benefits Of Therapy

By David Konow 03/26/19

The youngest Jonas Brother revealed that he and his brothers were in therapy together for a year before reuniting to make music.

Nick Jonas

After a decade-long hiatus, Nick Jonas has reunited with his brothers to release new music. While promoting their new song and upcoming album, Nick, who recently married actress Priyanka Chopra, spoke with The Huffington Post about the benefits of therapy on his mental health.

Being that Jonas has type 1 diabetes, staying in shape physically and mentally is important for him to stay in balance. “Your emotional health is wholly connected to your physical health,” Jonas explained. “If you take that time [to] spend some time with family and friends, prioritize your emotional state of mind, you’re going to be in a way better spot physically.”

The Jonas Brothers were in therapy together for a year before they reunited as a band. Nick explains, “I think the thing that was so great about this next chapter was that it really began with us getting to the healthiest place we could be as brothers and as family before we decided to work together at all, given that the way it ended before was not the best.”

Nick and his brothers thought, "Let’s dive in, let’s really open up and pull this thing apart and see what would need to be different for this to work this time around for a healthier relationship. I think that honesty, that transparency, really was the key factor.”

Late last year, Nick Jonas, Queen Latifah, and Ted Danson appeared in ads for Cigna Health about the importance of taking care of your mental wellness. In Jonas’s commercial, he spoke about anxiety, and how he escapes to his “happy place” in his mind when things get tough—a comfortable room with guitars and puppies.

The commercial journeyed into Jonas’s mind, and as he explained to the viewer, “If we let tensions run the show up here (in our minds), then our bodies won’t perform at our best out here. How you’re doing emotionally affects you physically and vice versa.”

He concluded that when you get your check-up every year at the doctor, “Be open about everything you’re feeling physically and emotionally.”

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