Missouri Couple Discover New Home Is Contaminated With Meth

By Victoria Kim 09/24/19

The couple made the discovery when the woman tested positive for amphetamines during standard prenatal care. 

Missouri couple moving into new home
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A Missouri couple was shocked to discover that the home they had just purchased had been used to produce methamphetamine. They are sharing their story to let others know that this can happen to anyone.

Tyler and Elisha Hessel made the discovery when Elisha tested positive for amphetamines during standard prenatal care. The couple is expecting a baby girl in January.

They figured out that the contamination was coming from the home they had recently purchased, since Elisha had not used amphetamines.

The House's Previous Occupants

They told CBS News that their neighbors had hinted that something was amiss with the previous occupants. “Just through normal conversations as we got to know them a little better they said they were so happy to finally have ‘normal’ people move in next door,” said Elisha. “They had also mentioned that the police were there for a possible drug bust type situation.”

All of this was confirmed with a home drug test and a search of a law enforcement database. The house was indeed contaminated with meth, and the property was listed as the site of a meth seizure on a Jefferson County database. In Missouri, it is required that home buyers be informed if a property has a history of meth production. But the Hessels were not provided this information.

Decontaminating The House

The couple has vacated the property for the remainder of the pregnancy, until the house is decontaminated. “We have moved out and really do not know exactly what to do at this point,” said Elisha.

They plan to have the house stripped and rebuilt, but they were not prepared to take on this considerable construction project. They are now hoping to raise $100,000 to fund the project on GoFundMe. They were advised to seek coverage from their insurance company, but their claim was denied, they say.

The couple has been through a “big roller coaster of emotions and stress.” The stress was so bad that Elisha left a job that she was training for, putting a further strain on their finances.

All things considered, their baby girl is doing well. She “is right on track, growing healthy and her scans all look good at this time,” said Elisha.

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