Morning Roundup: Sept. 19, 2019

By The Fix staff 09/19/19

Counterfeit CBD products contain synthetic marijuana. 29-year-old fentanyl kingpin awaits sentencing. Seventh person dies from vaping-related causes.

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Even some CBD products are being contaminated by illegal producers. ID 57126286 © Ajafoto |

Mom Received 5-year Sentence After Falsifying Son's School District and Twice Selling Drugs [People]
A state official argues against the comparison between Felicity Huffman, who is embroiled in the college admissions scandal, and Connecticut mother Tanya McDowell. 

Seventh Person Has Died from Vaping-Related Causes. CDC Steps Up E-Cigarette Probe. [CNN]
A 40-year-old California man is now the seventh person to die after suffering a "severe pulmonary injury associated with vaping." The state is exploring ways to target the e-cigarette market in light of the recent fatalities. 

Some CBD Vapes Contain Street Drug Instead of the Real Thing [AP News]
Counterfeit CBD products, including vapes and even edibles, contain cheap and illegal "synthetic marijuana," testing has revealed. This discovery has shed light on just how easy it can be to find these "spiked" products.

'The Face of the Opioid Epidemic': How a College Dropout Became a Fentanyl Kingpin [Washington Post]
Last month, 29-year-old Aaron Shamo was found guilty of running a national drug-trafficking operation in which he distributed counterfeit oxycodone and Xanax produced with fentanyl and alprazolam purchased from China. 

Perspective: The Question That Helps Me the Most When I'm Having Suicidal Thoughts [Yahoo]
It's not easy to bring up your own, or a loved one's, mental health in conversation. According to this writer, it doesn't hurt to try.

Don't Forget Our Frontline Caregivers in the Opioid Epidemic [NY Times]
Hospitals should be included in receiving any compensation from the opioid litigation settlement, say Citizens for Effective Opioid Treatment.

Charleston Musician Plays First Show Since Returning from Treatment for Opioid Addiction [Post and Courier]
A prescription for Vicodin at age 16 was the starting point for musician Ian Gwinnup's destructive opioid use. He has since completed a treatment program and is gearing up to release new music. 

How to Attend a Wedding Sober and Have a Great Time, According to Experts [Bustle]
For some, attending a wedding sober may be unfathomable. But according to these experts, it doesn't have to be so hard. 

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