Morning Roundup: Sept. 16, 2019

By The Fix staff 09/16/19

John Mulaney opens up about becoming sober. Vaping severely damages 18-year-old's lungs. Lumineers explore "progressive disease" of addiction in new album.

john mulaney and nick kroll
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The NFL Has a Painkiller Crisis That It Never Wants to Go Away [Deadspin]
"Football is a game of pain, and so painkillers are a necessary lubricant to keep it operational. Painkillers are magic. They are glorified by the sport nearly as much as the violence is." 

Teen Has Lungs of a 70-year-old from Vaping for Over a Year [CNN]
An Illinois teenager developed "severe lung disease" after vaping for more than a year and a half. "If I had known what it was doing to my body, I would have never even touched it, but I didn't know."

Judge: Every US Community Can Have a Say in National Opioid Suit Settlement [Cincinnati Enquirer]
All 33,000 American local governments may participate in securing damages from the opioid industry for its alleged role in fueling the opioid crisis across the U.S. "The American community has been given a level playing field."

Big Pharma Is Abusing Patents, and It's Hurting Americans [CNN]
A key driver of the rising cost of health care is the abuse of the patent system. Here's how the pharmaceutical industry is manipulating the system for their benefit. 

John Mulaney Says He Was 'Out of Control' Before He Stopped Drinking, Doing Cocaine [Men's Health]
Comedian John Mulaney is sober for a reason. Having started drinking at a young age, Mulaney ultimately faced his problematic use of booze, pills and cocaine. "I don't like this guy anymore." 

Historians Push to Create Public Archive of Documents from Massive Opioid Litigation [STAT News]
A group of historians is calling for "full and permanent access" to documents related to the massive opioid litigation, as part of any settlement that is reached. "Settlements typically are used by companies to hold on to their documents and avoid their release." 

Sober Pop-Up Bar Empath Brings New Alternative to Pittsburgh's Social Scene [NEXTPittsburgh]
Empath's sober pop-up events provide a space to socialize, sans booze, in a nightlife setting. The ultimate goal is to open a permanent sober bar and "dry" venue where people can enjoy music and art, sober.

The Lumineers Trace the Cycle of Addiction: 'It's a Progressive Disease' [NPR]
"With drug addiction or alcoholism it really affects the individual and then it has a sort of fallout effect... it continually tends to affect people's loved ones." The Lumineers' new album III tells a story of addiction in three acts.

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