Morning Roundup: Oct. 31, 2019

By The Fix staff 10/31/19

Alumni criticize Brown for eliminating campus harm reduction program. Exploring recovery and the world of theatre. White House launches website to help people search for recovery services.

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White House Launches Website Aimed at Addiction Treatment [AP News]
A new website has been launched by the Trump administration to streamline the search for substance abuse and mental health support. "We designed it with human-centered principles in mind."

Man Accused of Heroin-Spiked Cereal Murder Gave 'Nagging' Wife Crushed Up Pills: Witness [Daily Beast]
A witness alleges that Jason Harris, the Michigan man suspected of murdering his wife by lacing her cereal with heroin, bought anxiety medication from him and said "he was going to crush up the pills and give it to his wife so she would stop nagging him."

Study: Needle Exchanges in Baltimore, Philadelphia Helped Thousands Avoid HIV [US News]
A new study found that more than 12,000 new HIV diagnoses were prevented in Philadelphia and Baltimore, because of harm reduction programs. "We should have far more programs like this that reach people with evidence-based, proven interventions."

Perspective: How Drinking Less Solved a Lot of Problems [NY Times]
"My kids saw their mom fawning over a glass of wine every night, and coming to the dinner table just a little too happy." This columnist quit her nightly "wine down" and was not expecting what happened next. 

Alumni Opinion: Drug Checking Services Must Be Reinstated at Brown to Protect Students [Brown Daily Herald]
These Brown University alumni are speaking up about the school's decision to get rid of a drug checking program. "We are deeply concerned to see that our alma mater profoundly misunderstands the importance of harm reduction."

Discussion: The Sober Reality for Theatremakers in Recovery [American Theatre]
Examining the theater industry's relationship to recovery. "I have been public about being in recovery, I make that choice because I have been able to support theatre artists who need to get sober."

Perspective: I'm an Addict and on the Dole, But It's Not Drugs That Keep Me in This Nightmare [ABC]
"It's adversity, not drug addiction, that has prevented me from getting a job." One woman's experience recovering from trauma, and how that has stayed with her in the absence of support.

Juul Shipped At Least a Million Contaminated Pods, New Lawsuit Says [BuzzFeed News]
More controversy for Juul. A lawsuit filed by a former company executive alleges that the e-cigarette maker knowingly distributed contaminated Juul pods, and that he was punished for raising the issue.

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