Morning Roundup: Oct. 21, 2019

By The Fix staff 10/21/19

Historic opioid trial to begin Monday. Michael Douglas: son Cameron's recovery is like "this huge storm has passed." Boston lawyer puts Serenity Prayer to music.

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Gun Battles Erupt in Mexico When El Chapo's Son Is Captured, Prompting His Release [NBC News]
El Chapo's son, who is wanted in the U.S. on federal drug conspiracy charges, was freed after his initial capture in Mexico—a decision made by Mexican officials to "avoid more violence... and recover calm in the city."

'Drugstore Cowboy' at 30: Is This the Best Film Ever Made About Addiction? [Guardian]
Reflecting on the 1989 film based on James Fogle's memoir, a detailed analysis of the film's unique portrayal of substance use disorder. "Drugstore Cowboy is a film defined by its attention to lived-in detail."

Judge's Unorthodox Approach Has Huge Opioid Settlement Within Reach [Reuters]
The federal judge overseeing the opioid litigation scheduled will make a last-ditch effort to avoid trial, by trying to negotiate a settlement the Friday before the historic trial is set to begin. 

What Does Jon Taffer of 'Bar Rescue' Think About Sober Bars? [Fox Business]
Jon Taffer, the emphatic host of Bar Rescue, weighed in on the growing "sober curious" movement. "Bars are all about social interaction... Millennials' alcohol consumption is going down."

Addiction Is the Stuff of High Drama. In These Plays, So Is Sobriety. [NY Times]
A review of contemporary playwrights who explore recovery, 12 step, and relationships. "Just the process of seeing yourself in all these stories was pretty powerful."

'This Huge Storm Has Passed': Michael Douglas on Son Cameron's Recovery Journey [USA Today]
Cameron Douglas, 40, was released from prison in 2016, and has been on a good track ever since. "It's like this huge storm has passed and the sun came out and you can enjoy your life again..." said his father Michael Douglas.

Boston Lawyer Writes 'Serenity Song' To Help People Battle Addiction [WBUR]
A Boston attorney had set the Serenity Prayer to music for a client's off-Broadway play, but the song has reached far more people than she imagined, people who may need to hear it the most. 

Taking Ayahuasca When You're a Senior Citizen [NY Times]
"Psychedelics might be wasted on the young," as author Michael Pollan once said. Anecdotal evidence suggests that older people are using ayahuasca at a growing rate.

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