Morning Roundup: May 28, 2019

By The Fix staff 05/28/19

Special 'Escape Room' depicts experience of addiction, jewelry store owner sold meth over the counter, high school coaches taught to identify signs of substance abuse in student athletes.

diamond ring
A family jewelry business was brought down by addiction. Mav888 |

Reno Escape Room To Help Those Dealing with Substance Abuse [KOLO 8]
A special Escape Room will show people the reality of those struggling with substance use disorder, and raise money for a local treatment center. The premise is based on true stories of the women from the facility. 

Life in Recovery: From Using His Police Badge to Score to Helping Those in Recovery [Burlington Free Press]
The story of Michael Lowe, the disgraced police chief caught in a web of addiction, embezzlement and prescription drug fraud, and ultimately prison. Lowe abused his position to obtain painkillers.  

Coroner Writes to Health Secretary Over Mental Health Care [Guardian]
When 20-year-old Sasha Forster was cut off from medication by NHS doctors who were concerned she would harm herself, she was able to get the same drugs from a private doctor. Her story highlights a failure of the system to help her get well. 

Here's How PA Is Spending a $56 Million Grant to Address Opioid Addiction [WHYY]
With $55.9 million in federal funding to spend, Pennsylvania has so far applied the money toward recovery housing, medication-assisted treatment and more. 

Suffolk County Coaches To Be Trained to Spot Substance Abuse in Student Athletes [WSHU]
High school coaches are in a unique position to spot warning signs of substance abuse. Injured athletes who are prescribed painkillers are especially vulnerable to addiction. A pilot program teaches coaches how to recognize a problem, and how to help.

Family-Owned Jewelry Store Sold Methamphetamine Over the Counter, Losing Community's Trust [Post Crescent]
The story of the downfall of a family-owned jewelry store brought down by the owner's drug use. "It seems like 90 percent of the problems I faced in my life have been a direct result of either my drinking or my drug use." 

Some Say Untapped Workers Are Plentiful, Could Help Ease NH's Labor Shortage [NHPR]
People in recovery and those with a criminal background are among New Hampshire's "untapped" labor pool. Hiring people from these oft-overlooked groups is not only beneficial to them, but the community, says a local attorney.

Handle With Care Aims to Help Students Exposed to Trauma [Wisconsin Public Radio]
A collaboration between police and school officials aims to increase understanding of kids who may be having a hard time at home. If police are called where a student is present, they will let the school know so they can be aware of what the student is going through. 

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