Morning Roundup: Jan. 21, 2019

By The Fix staff 01/21/19

The FDA chief threatens to ban all vapes, Steve-O remembers snorting cocaine mixed with HIV-positive blood, English eels get residual high from cocaine users peeing into the river.

Using electronic cigarette to smoke in public places.Smoke restriction,smoking ban.Using vaping device with flavoured liquid.E-juice vaping new technology.Give up tobacco.Smoking habit,nicotine addict
All such devices could be banned if the vaping industry doesn't stop marketing to teens. Eldar Nurkovic |

FDA chief threatens to take e-cigarettes off the market [NBC]
The vape market reeled as Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb threatens to ban the devices entirely if the industry does not immediately cease marketing to kids.

Virginia lawmakers work to raise smoking age to 21 – that includes vape [WTVR]
The state is looking to push up the legal age in order to prevent youth nicotine use, especially with the epidemic of teen vaping in mind.

Steve-O Recalls Snorting Cocaine Mixed With HIV-Positive Blood [E! News]
The former daredevil recounts some shocking and reckless behavior as he comes up on his 11th year of sobriety.

Police seek volunteers to get drunk for them; many respond [WQAD]
Cops needed to train the processing and handling of drunks. Booze-loving citizens saw a perfect opportunity to perform their civic duty... and drink on the cops' dime.

Tourists tie up drunk passenger with tape and belts after he 'swore and attacked' them three hours into a flight [Daily Mail]
Travelers took their own security (and sanity) into their own hands when an unruly and drunk passenger became severely inconsiderate.

Eels in the Thames left hyperactive after Londoners on cocaine urinate into waste water [Mirror]
Apparently the eels of the Thames River can get a secondhand high downstream.

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