Morning Roundup: Jan. 17, 2019

By The Fix staff 01/17/19

Charlie Sheen talks early recovery, experts discuss the effectiveness of mental health apps and recovery home residents accused of lacing mac and cheese with heroin.

Charlie Sheen announced his sober milestone on Twitter this week.

Shutdown Could Affect Patients Seeking Specific Addiction Treatment [News 5 Nashville]

The ongoing government shutdown is hindering some doctors from getting approval from the FDA to prescribe buprenorphine. 

Charlie Sheen "Feels Good" After Getting Sober [People]

The actor discussed his decision to get sober and how he feels after going public with his sobriety. Next up, Sheen is working on quitting cigarettes.

El Chapo Trial Shows Why Mexican Border Wall Won’t Stop Drugs [Heavy]

The lengthy trial has featured evidence and testimonies that prove that a new border wall would do very little to stop the flow of drugs into the US from Mexico.

Drunk Mother Busted Driving 150mph To Teach Son A Lesson [The Drive]

According to the arrest citation, the Kentucky mother was driving at the high speeds to teach her son a "lesson." Police claim the woman smelled of alcohol and her speech was slurred.

Should You Trust An App With Your Mental Health? [Forbes]

Experts chime in about the effectiveness of the ever-popular mental health treatment apps. 

Canada Spent A Billion Dollars On Weed Last Year [Complex]

The legal weed market in Canada brought in over a billion dollars in 2018 after legalizing recreational marijuana in October.

Women Accused Of Lacing Mac N Cheese With Heroin [Fox 2 Now]

Two residents from a Michigan-based recovery home stand accused of lacing the mac and cheese dinner of a manager of the facility with heroin. The accused women now face felony poisoning charges.

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