Morning Roundup: Jan. 16, 2019

By The Fix staff 01/16/19

Cannabis stocks take a hit as new AG says he supports prohibition, study finds many would abandon prescription drugs for marijuana, Waffle House employees humiliate drunk passed out man.

Joni Ernst Meets with Attorney General Nominee William Barr
Barr (left) chilled the marijuana market in revealing he personally supports prohibition. Wikimedia

Cannabis stocks fall after attorney general nominee's comments about marijuana [MarketWatch]
Attorney General nominee William Barr said our current state of marijuana laws are "untenable," stating that he would personally support the prohibition of marijuana. However, he also said he wouldn't mess with any businesses operating legally now.

Study: Many prefer medical marijuana over prescription drugs [WXYZ Detroit]
A University of Michigan study finds that 44 percent of medical marijuana users quit using another prescription drug.

Cuomo unveils plan to legalize recreational marijuana use [timesunion]
His plan includes a 20 percent tax on marijuana and a brand new Office of Cannabis Management.

Tennessee bill would have vapor products go way of the cigarette [WCYB]
SB0026 would limit the use of vaping in locations in the same public areas as cigarettes.

Steven Tyler Details Being ‘Drunk And Coked Out’ With Jimmy Page [Alternative Nation]
“Well, we would do cocaine to go up, quaaludes to come down. We would drink and then snort some coke until we thought we were straight. But that’s not true—you’re just drunk and coked out.”

Rock band Metallica releasing own brand of beer [WLWT]
The band is introducing a "Enter Night Pilsner," originally only available at Metallica's shows over the past fall.

He went to Waffle House to sober up. Workers dumped food on him and posted the humiliating video to Instagram. [The Washington Post]
A drunk man was humiliated by employees for passing out on his food.

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