Morning Roundup: Feb. 4, 2019

By The Fix staff 02/04/19

Shortage of anxiety drug leaves patients scrambling, why I ditched alcohol so I could be a better parent, White House prioritizes opioid abuse in first national drug control strategy.

breaking the cycle of drinking
Breaking the cycle. Georgerudy |

Everyone Here Is Anonymous: How I Learned to Party Sober [NME]
Think it's not humanly possible to have fun without being blitzed? Here's how to enjoy sobriety without having to compromise on fun.

Shortage of Anxiety Drug Leaves Patients Scrambling [NY Times]
A sudden shortage of one anti-anxiety drug has spread alarm to people who rely on the medication. There is yet no information on when the drug will again be available.

Malaysia to Focus on Health Not Criminality in New Drug Policy [Bloomberg]
A government task force is seeking to review Malaysia's long-standing drug policies. The group is in favor of approaching drug use as a social health issue, not a criminal one.

Like Anne Hathaway, I Ditched Alcohol So I Could Be a Better Parent [Guardian]
A mother in recovery is determined to end the cycle of problem drinking in her family. "My number one rule was that my drinking would never affect my children."

A National Survey Has Confirmed the Massive Scale of Nigeria's Drug Problem [QZ]
A new survey has revealed the extent of Nigerians' drug use. The highest levels of drug use was recorded among young adults.

White House Prioritizes Opioid Abuse in First National Drug Control Strategy [CNN]
The government's drug control agency will prioritize mitigating the opioid crisis, the ONDCP recently announced. Reducing drug-related deaths and cutting opioid prescriptions are among the agency's goals.

Sri Lanka Pledges to Revive Capital Punishment and Execute Drug Traffickers [TIME]
Drug traffickers in Sri Lanka will be executed again after a 43-year moratorium on the practice. The idea was inspired by a visit to the Philippines, where the government has led a violent crackdown on drug users and traffickers.

El Chapo Trial Suggests Trump's Wall Would Do Little to Stop Drug Smuggling [NY Times]
Notorious drug lord El Chapo ran his drug smuggling operation through legal checkpoints, trial testimony has revealed. The cartel was "endlessly creative" in avoiding detection in its decades-long existence.

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