Morning Roundup: Aug. 9, 2019

By The Fix staff 08/09/19

Large drug seizures reported in England and New Zealand. Marijuana use may affect reaction to anesthesia. Minnesota's sober musicians share their experiences.

Life as a sober musician. ID 97972827 © Valerio Bianchi |

5 Sober Minnesota Musicians on Kicking Addiction and Rediscovering Creativity [City Pages]
Local artists of various ages, genres, and experiences share what life is like being sober in Minnesota's music scene. "I think there's something to sobriety, and not having anything to numb the fear, that makes your creative life more rich and valuable."

If You Smoke Pot, Your Anesthesiologist Needs to Know [Kaiser Health News]
Marijuana use may affect one's response to anesthesia during surgery, according to data from Colorado, where the adult use of marijuana has been legal since 2014. 

Perspective: We Need to Stop Demonizing People Struggling with Addiction [Head Stuff]
The drug war, the stigma of substance use disorder, and racism are all intertwined, as this essay explores. 

He Was Addicted to Drugs. Now He is a Triathlete Competing at Age Group National Championships. [Team USA]
At 40 years old, Michael Nicholas will compete at the 2019 Toyota USA Triathlon Age Group National Championships. Nicholas, who at one point "had been dealing, arrested and facing a potential jail term," found a purpose in triathlon.

UK Seizes Nearly $50 Million Worth of Heroin, One of Largest Busts Ever [CNN]
Heroin worth nearly $50 million was seized in England, concealed under towels and bath robes. The drugs were detected in a container aboard a "suspicious vessel."

Drink Ruined My Life: 3 Young Women on Alcoholism [Refinery29]
Three women in their 20s and 30s describe how their social drinking got out of control. "In someone who's 20-30 years older, the liver doesn't usually regenerate. Very luckily, because of my age, mine has managed to shrink back down and started to heal."

Cocaine Worth $1.9 Million Has Washed Up on a New Zealand Beach [CNN]
Nineteen packages containing cocaine worth over $1 million washed up on a New Zealand beach, with a "small chance" that more packages could be found. The isolated beach was made popular in a Taylor Swift music video.

Ontario Adding More Mental Health and Addictions Services for Indigenous Communities [Ontario Newsroom]
Ontario's government is targeting funding to support indigenous communities in the province. Part of the initiative is to expand mental health and substance use disorder services.

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