Morning Roundup: Aug. 19, 2019

By The Fix staff 08/19/19

I survived wedding season my first year of sobriety. Baltimore volunteer clean-up crew revive two men overdosing. Dayton domestic terrorist had drugs and alcohol in his system.

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Seven weddings sober. ID 109786312 © Aleksandr Korchagin |

Dancer Opens Arts Center for Kids Living in Heart of America's Opioid Epidemic [CNN]
Since 2008, more than 5,000 children have benefited from free art classes, tutoring and more through Moving Arts Española. Dancer Roger Montoya is healing his community of Northern New Mexico through the arts.

Volunteers Picking Up Trash in West Baltimore Save Two Men Found Overdosing [Washington Post]
A volunteer clean-up crew in Baltimore administered naloxone to two men who appeared to be overdosing. "If we had not come here and the locals hadn't had Narcan, they would have died."

Dayton Terrorist Had Drugs and Alcohol in His System, Coroner Says [CBS News]
Connor Betts, the 24-year-old Ohio man who shot dead nine people including his own sister, had both legal/illegal drugs in his system during the mass shooting. Authorities say they found a "pipe device" and baggie of cocaine on him as well.

How One Police Department Is Trying to Steer Addicts into Recovery Instead of Making Arrests [GPB News]
Marietta Police in Georgia are following up with citizens who overdosed, with the goal of helping them recover. The program is one of several across the U.S. that are trying a different approach to drug abuse.

United After Pilot Arrests: No Drinking 12 Hours Before Work, Longer Than FAA Requires [USA Today]
After the arrests of two pilots suspected of being intoxicated before a flight, United Airlines has unveiled a new policy extending the time pilots and flight attendants are prohibited from drinking alcohol before a shift. 

How I Survived Wedding Season in My First Year of Sobriety [NY Times]
When weddings are no longer a free pass to over-indulge in alcohol, can they still be a good time? "It turned out I was not contractually obligated to have the most fun, or be the last one on the dance floor."

New York Physician Admits to Manslaughter After Patient Dies of Overdose [Becker's Hospital Review]
Barry Sloan, DO, faces 4-9 years in prison after pleading guilty to second-degree manslaughter for the overdose death of a patient. The doctor confessed that he prescribed fentanyl to the 36-year-old patient without any medical justification.

Concerts Are the New Hotspot for Harm Reduction Advocacy [Phoenix New Times]
Harm reduction groups like Shot in the Dark are meeting people where they are, including concert venues across the U.S. "I think rock 'n' roll goes hand-in-hand (with drugs). It's all about escape."

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