Morning Roundup: Apr. 17, 2019

By The Fix staff 04/17/19

DEA secretly spied on Americans who bought money counters, Greg Oden gave up drinking for his love of basketball, Milk Bar renames its famous "Crack Pie."

milk bar renames crack pie
"Crack Pie" is no more. Randall Vermillion |

After Complaints That It Made Light of an Epidemic, Milk Bar Renames Its Famous Crack Pie [Washington Post]
To appease complaints that its "Crack Pie" made light of a serious issue, Milk Bar has renamed its signature dessert. The use of words like "crack" and "addictive" to describe food is losing favor in the restaurant industry. 

Best Rule of Coachella Is You Can Only Drink in Designated Areas [Business Insider]
At Coachella, drinking doesn't come first—the music does. This columnist experienced Coachella's drinking rule firsthand, and says it made for a better experience. 

Doping: Drug Testing Methods Stuck in the 1970s, Says Former WADA Head [Reuters]
The head of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) says drug testing technology has been at a standstill. "Why aren't we doing something more innovative?"

Alcohol Awareness Month: Recognize the Signs of Excessive Drinking [Loma Linda University]
April is Alcohol Awareness Month. An expert on substance abuse and recovery lists several sayings that may hint at a drinking problem. 

DEA Seized Over $50M By Secretly Spying on Americans Who Bought Money Counters [Forbes]
An audit of the DEA revealed the agency collected information on people who purchased money counters. The DOJ Inspector General found it "troubling" that the agency failed to consider the legal limits of its bulk data collection.

Former Drug Addict Helps Others Using His Experience, Yerba Mate Company [Daily Texan]
Austin-based yerba mate tea company, CLEAN Cause, gives 50% of its profits to sober-living scholarships. Giving back was a no-brainer for founder Wes Hurt, who himself is in recovery.

When the NBA Ended, Greg Oden Descended Into Alcoholism, Only to Fight His Way Back Out [Indy Star]
Former NBA player Greg Oden is gearing up for his next chapter: earning his degree in sports industry and moving on from alcoholism. Though he won't be going back to the NBA, he gave up drinking because of his love of the sport.

My Mother, the Addict: How This 'Brilliant, Beautiful' Woman Lost Her Way [Advocate]
"It got really bad really fast." A son recalls witnessing his mother spiral out of control. Her problems with drugs, alcohol and mental health drove a wedge in the family, and damaged their relationship. "The addiction killed everything that made me love her so much." 

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