Montel Williams Detained In Germany For Medical Marijuana

By McCarton Ackerman 08/01/16

After being diagnosed with MS, Williams found success in relieving his pain medical marijuana and has toured the country as a pro-marijuana advocate.

 Montel Williams Detained In Germany For Medical Marijuana

Former talk show host Montel Williams was nearly arrested for flying with marijuana in Germany, but managed to avoid being handcuffed after proving that he had it to help treat a serious medical condition.

TMZ reported that Williams, who suffers from multiple sclerosis, was stopped with his wife by customs agents at Frankfurt Airport on Friday. He was detained for questioning after they discovered pot in his carry-on bag, but he explained that it was medical marijuana and had someone send over proof of his prescription. Williams’ rep, Jon Franks, said the talk show host was held for less than an hour before being released.

“Unfortunately, this is the reality faced by medical marijuana patients every day all over the world,” said Franks. “Today, Montel reaffirms his commitment to fighting for sensible medical marijuana policies across the world and to fighting the stigma he and so many other seriously ill Americans face every day for simply following the advice of their doctor."

After being diagnosed with MS in 1999, Williams struggled to find success in relieving his pain with the prescription medications he was given by doctors. But after trying medical marijuana, he said there was a noticeable difference.

“It didn’t cause euphoria or anxiety and it took the edge off my pain. I’ve used it since then and will continue to use it until we can come up with a drug that will provide the same benefits,” said Williams exclusively to The Fix in January 2013.

In recent years, Williams has toured the country as a medical marijuana advocate and encouraged states to both legalize the drug and dispense it properly. He even helped open up a medical marijuana shop in Sacramento in June 2011, although he no longer has an affiliation with them.

“I ultimately found that a lot of dispensaries aren’t concerned about helping sick people; they’re concerned about their pocketbooks,” he said. “Medical grade marijuana is completely different from the stuff you get over the border in Mexico that is sold at a lot of dispensaries. And for someone like myself who has MS, that type of marijuana can cause seizures. There’s still a real need for a conversation about how to dispense what is truly a medical agent.“

Williams also clarified that medical marijuana is not the sole solution to managing his symptoms, but insisted that those who are truly suffering from a chronic illness or disability should be able to have easy access to it.

“I take 60 forms of supplements and hormonal replacements every day. I liquify about 60% of my daily intake. I’m part of a double blind study medical test at the University of Wisconsin. One thing will not fix this,” he told The Fix. “I’m doing everything in my power to lessen and mitigate these symptoms and have the best quality of life possible.”

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