Moby, Steel Panther To Appear At Rock To Recovery Concert In September

By Kelly Burch 08/31/18

Funds from the September 15th event will go to Rock to Recovery’s nonprofit branch, which provides treatment to people in need.


The third-annual Rock to Recovery benefit concert will take place on Saturday, September 15, at the Fonda Theatre in Hollywood, raising money for treatment and celebrating sober living. 

“By having an event where we can all share not only our darkness, but our strength and solution, and celebrate through live music and dancing and even mosh pits, is quite a healing form of expression,” said former Korn guitarist Wes Geer, who founded Rock to Recovery, which aims to harness the healing power of music. 

Photo courtesy of Rock to Recovery

The concert brings together people who are newly in recovery and rock stars who have been open about their sobriety journey. Funds from the event go to Rock to Recovery’s nonprofit branch, which provides treatment to people in need. 

“I heard recently that the opposite of addiction is connection,” Geer said. “For all the people this event supports: wounded warriors, mental health, addiction, to at-risk youth—these are all issues of feeling lost and disconnected and not having a place in the world.”

Corey Taylor from Stone Sour receiving the Rock to Recovery award in 2017.

At the concert, people who have felt disconnected can come together and celebrate their new lives. This is particularly important for people in early recovery, Geer said. About half of the people attending the concert will still be in treatment, he noted. 

“Imagine being in treatment and getting to experience a sober concert with known musicians, many of whom are also in recovery,” he said. “I go back to what my mindset was when I was newly in recovery, which is once you get sober life is over and boring. These concerts prove that mindset wrong. When you come see such an elaborate event supported by so many amazing humans, that is 100% sober and 100% rad, it is absolutely magical.”

Photo courtesy of Rock in Recovery

The concert will be hosted by Bryan Fogel and Steel Panther will headline the event. This year Moby will receive the Rock to Recovery award.

“Moby is an iconic megastar, who has been open about the struggles he’s faced in his own addiction and how dark and humiliating they can be,” Geer said. “When we can honor somebody like him we let people in attendance redefine what their belief of a rock star is. It can be a sober person who’s iconic, an incredible artist in an industry rife with challenges. This helps others have hope not only for a muted version of recovery life, but an absolutely stellar one!” 

Tickets for the concert on sale now

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