Miranda Lambert Says She Always Has Booze on Hand

By Kelly Burch 04/07/17

"My assistant packs—I call it my nanny bag—she packs a bag of liquor for emergencies, for meltdowns and things like that."

Miranda Lambert

Country superstar Miranda Lambert faced some unexpected difficulties getting to Las Vegas for the Country Music Awards last weekend, but says the situation was alright because she had alcohol on hand to help her through it. 

Lambert’s flight was diverted because of bad weather in Vegas, so she and her crew drove from Laughlin, Nevada, about two hours away. Despite the detour, Lambert told Sounds of Nashville that she was prepared. “We had a suitcase of booze with us for emergencies like that, so we were good to go on that,” Lambert said.

The tour essential is apparently always at the ready. "My assistant packs—I call it my nanny bag—she packs a bag of liquor for emergencies, for meltdowns and things like that so I’m like, ‘Okay we’re good, we’re golden, we only need a cooler full of ice and we’re going,’" Lambert said. 

The last-minute road trip was worth it, since Lambert went on to win Female Vocalist of the Year and Album of the Year for The Weight of These Wings. It was Lambert’s eighth consecutive win for female vocalist of the year, breaking the record that was previously held by Reba McEntire. 

“This really means the world to me,” she said in her acceptance speech. “I’m just glad to see females kicking ass these days, I’m so proud to be part of that.”

Lambert’s 2016 album The Weight of These Wings was written after her break-up and subsequent divorce from singer Blake Shelton. “I just want to say thank you for letting me use my heartbreak and sharing that with me,” Lambert said. 

After the 2015 break-up, Lambert turned to alcohol to cope. “I got divorced so I started drinking a little extra,” she said during a performance at the time. The song “Ugly Lights” on The Weight of These Wings, was written during that time period.

“I found myself in Midtown in Nashville three nights in a row at last call and with the lights coming on, and I’m still sitting there,” she said. “So I wrote a song about it.” 

At the time, Lambert acknowledged that processing the divorce would mean slogging through some tough feelings, drink in hand. "Some of that might mean nights on my porch crying, drinking whiskey, and going, 'Man, this sucks right now,’” she said.

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