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Marworth is widely regarded as an excellent care facility with solid, science backed approaches and practical applications for their clients to live a full life in recovery.

Location : 12 Lily Lake Road Waverly, PA 18471-7736
Phone : 800-442-7722
Price : $28,000 / month
Overall :
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Insurance : Yes
Detox : Yes

Introduction and Basic Services

Marworth Treatment Center, which is now referred to as Geisinger Marworth, is a detox, residential and outpatient treatment facility in Waverly, Pennsylvania. Since 1982 Marworth has provided customized care that focuses on the whole person and not just their addiction. This facility provides an astonishing number of treatment modalities including CBT, recreational therapy, trauma-informed care and specialized dual diagnosis programming. Following the 12-step model, clients have daily group therapy and holistic experiences to prevent relapse.

In addition to the inpatient and outpatient programs, Marworth offers treatment plans for healthcare and uniformed professionals. Marworth is widely regarded as an excellent care facility with solid, science backed approaches and practical applications for their clients to live a full life in recovery.

Facility and Meals

The Marworth residential facility accommodates up to 91 clients, all of whom share a bedroom with one other person. The bathrooms are situated in the hallways and are shared by several people, who are also expected to keep it clean. The Marworth campus spans over 27 acres of land, with the centerpiece being the sprawling stone estate that serves as the main treatment building. The estate was once the private home of the Scranton family. In fact, Marworth is actually a combination of the former owners names, Margery and Worthington Scranton.

While the mansion still maintains its original structure and aesthetic, there have been several additions to the building over the years. The facility is broken down into wings, and in order to accommodate the growing number of clients, Marworth opened a new state-of-the-art gym and dining area.

The facility has an old world style to it, with vintage furnishing and bold, historical paintings covering the walls. The bedrooms are simple though, with twin beds, dressers and some closet space. Common areas throughout the facility include an elegant sitting room with modern couches and easy chairs, and a grand piano. There is also a library and study, and “pantry” space with a drink machine and snacks available.

The campus has several recreational areas, like the ropes course, climbing wall, horseshoe pit, bocce ball lanes and walking trails. If someone was to come across this facility without knowing it was a rehab, they would probably just assume that it was a retreat or summer camp by the looks of it.

Meals are served in the cafeteria. Since Marworth does offer extensive eating disorder treatment programs, the meals offered are well balanced and calorie rich. There are always several options laid out for the clients, and specific dietary needs and restrictions, such as vegetarian or vegan, are always presented.

Treatment Protocol and Team

One thing that is well established about the Marworth program is that it is indeed very strict and structured in its practices. There is a bit of a tough love vibe to treatment, however the clients best interest and health are always at the forefront of these practices. Some of these rules and regulations include a dress code and absolutely no personal devices like cell phones or tablets.

The moment a client steps foot into the facility they have their assessment, which is a combination of mental health screenings and a physical. Clients go through their personal histories with drug abuse and mental illness, and that information is what informs the staff about the programming they will need.

With the individualism of these programs, clients don’t commit to any specific amount of time in treatment. Clients move through their programs at their own pace, and during their weekly individual sessions, discuss their progress with their primary therapist. The outpatient program is the step-down option, and of course the staff actively designs an aftercare plan throughout treatment.

Each day begins with an early morning wake up, meditation, breakfast, then continues on with morning process groups, educational lectures, relapse prevention, trauma-informed groups and recreational activities. There isn’t a ton of downtime during the day, and clients are constantly on the move from group to individual therapy to activities.

For clients who go through detox at the beginning of their treatment, they join the rest of the population once they are stabilized. Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) is an essential element of treatment, and the only medication Marworth provides is Vivitrol.

There are daily AA meetings held on site, and Big Book study frequently. Therapeutic approaches include DBT, CBT, EMDR, and holistic, expressive methods like music therapy and sand tray therapy. Group sessions are always gender specific, so the only time the women and men in treatment interact is during meals, exercise, and when they have some personal time.

The specialty focus programs, like the healthcare professionals track for instance, offers enhanced services. Clients are actively working on their transitions back into their communities and jobs, stress management, relapse prevention specifically for those in the healthcare field, and Caduceus recovery support meetings.

Staff at Marworth are very invested in their clients futures, and are extensively trained to provide the highest level of care. The staff includes a medical director, psychiatrists, LCSW, LPC, CAC, addiction specialists and nutritionists.

Bonus Amenities

Fitness is folded into treatment every day. Some of the exercise options are yoga, aerobics (to a video Marworth provides), basketball and other team sports, and of course, working out with the cardio and circuit machines in the gym. There are also opportunities for acupuncture. Clients socialize with each other while playing a round of nine hole disc golf, whizzing through the trees on the zip line, nature walks or taking an arts and crafts class.

Treatment at Marworth doesn’t just address the client's physical and psychological needs, but also helps them navigate issues in their relationships and personal lives back home. These peer led groups address things like problematic sexual behaviors, and how to set healthy boundaries. Members of the LGBTQ community go to weekly support groups as well, also led by their peers.


Marworth has a good reputation because it has earned it. The programming is structured and clients are not allowed to make excuses for themselves. Once treatment begins, it’s strongly suggested that they stay committed to their recovery. But this is the reason for the high success rates of the Marworth program. It teaches clients that they are worth it, and that living a good life is their right.

Marworth Location

P.O. Box 36

Lily Lake Road

Waverly, PA 18471-7736


Marworth Cost

$28,000 (30 days)

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