‘Marijuana Mecca’ In The Works Thanks To Cannabis Firm

By Bryan Le 08/07/17

The firm dreams of a town pot enthusiasts can smoke freely in public and vendors don't have to fear regulations found in other cities.

Man smoking marijuana outside free of worry.
In this town, you can smoke marijuana worry-free.

Cannabis investment firm American Green is looking to buy a small Mojave Desert town outside Las Vegas, dreaming of a place where people can freely smoke pot in the street and marijuana vendors can operate free from regulations found in most US cities.

The firm is in a binding offer to buy Nipton, an 80-acre town, as well as 40 acres of nearby land to the tune of $5 million. Envisioning a totally self-sufficient town, American Green is also looking to buy a nearby solar array that serves half of the town’s power needs.

“The town is the medium,” said Stephen Shearin, who is managing the American Green project. “It becomes an icon. This is a legitimate effort to do something significant in this arena. It’s an idea whose time has come.”

Shearin believes the town can serve as a role model to other American towns to buy into a home-grown pot industry that could create jobs in the US.

One of the town’s residents, Carl Cavaness, estimates the town’s permanent population to be about 18 or 19 people. He hopes the new change could bring more visitors into the town.

“We get a lot of traffic through here that doesn’t stop,” said Caveness.

Currently, Nipton is home to a general store, and RV park and a five-room hotel. American Green predicts that it will need to spend an additional $2.5 million and two years to transform the town into a pot paradise worthy of a pilgrimage by enthusiasts.

So far, American Green has made a $200,000 down payment on the town and is testing the water quality. The company plans to sell bottled CBD-infused water in the town, which lacks the illegal components of marijuana.

Investors backing the town are aware of the Trump administration’s negative attitudes toward legal marijuana and that marijuana is still illegal at the federal level. However, they are sure that this early investment will pay off regardless.

“One thing we commonly hear from cannabis investors is that, even if the Trump administration were to intervene in the industry, it would be short-lived due to the broad-based public support for cannabis legalization,” said John Kagia, executive vice president of the cannabis analytics firm New Frontier Data.

Such an investment is likely to pay off, considering one in four beer drinkers prefer pot instead.

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