The Manor

By The Fix staff 08/10/17

Luxury and privacy are of the utmost importance, making The Manor an ideal location for those seeking a completely private and secluded rehab experience.

The Manor
Location : Address undisclosed to protect client privacy Kettle Moraine, WI 53010
Phone : 414.930.1930
Price : $48,000 (28 days, shared bath) $50,000 (28 days, private bath)
Overall :
Accommodations :
Treatment :
Food :
Insurance : No
Detox : Yes

Introduction and Basic Services

The Manor is a private, family-owned treatment facility that opened in 2015, specializing in substance abuse and co-occurring disorders. Nestled in an undisclosed location in Wisconsin’s Kettle Moraine Forest, which is a short drive from both Chicago and Milwaukee, The Manor offers highly individualized residential treatment in a stunning mansion setting. Luxury and privacy are of the utmost importance, making this an ideal location for those seeking a completely private and secluded rehab experience.

Facility and Meals

The Manor is set on 40 acres of romantic green grounds, flush with large trees, rolling hills and running streams that empty into a pond. There are two adjacent houses on the property, totaling 11 private bedrooms in all. The interiors are lovely, with spiral staircases, a movie theater and heated floors to ensure year-round comfort. The bedrooms offer stunning views of the surrounding grounds and are outfitted with exquisite furnishings including large beds with Egyptian cotton sheets, comfortable couches, lounge chairs and towering wardrobes. There is often also a fireplace in the room. The private bathrooms (though two suites do happen to share a bathroom across the hall) are just as magnificent with large spa-style baths flanked by Roman columns and separate showers. Certain rooms also have desks or patios. There is a stunning outdoor pool set alongside hot tubs with a calming view of the forest. In addition to a fitness center and gym, the grounds also offer a tennis and basketball court.

An executive chef prepares meals for clients, who eat in a formal, brightly lit dining room that is furnished with gold-colored chairs and a glass table. Personal preferences and dietary restrictions can be easily accommodated. A sample dinner might include steak with bell peppers and snap peas or salmon fillets with vegetables.

Treatment Protocol and Team

An in-house detox, usually lasting a few days, is available as part of the residential program but acute cases may be referred to outside hospitalization. An average stay is anywhere from 28 days to six weeks. Connection to the outside world through cell phones and other technology is considered paramount to the program, placing importance on continued engagement with family members and participation in work.

Treatment takes a holistic approach involving a personal trainer, sleep analysis and sleep hygiene program, massage and nutrition. The Manor uses a life-coach strategy called “the five domains of treatment.” These are: physical fitness, becoming mentally sound through managing emotions and developing hobbies, finding emotional maturity (via identifying, owning and expressing emotions), embracing social responsibility or a feeling of connectedness with others and becoming spiritually resilient by identifying inner values.

Care is individualized for each resident but frequently deals with trauma, as this is a common theme among addicts. In addition to trauma therapies like EMDR, treatment modalities include CBT, DBT, MI, mindfulness meditation and biofeedback. There is a strong relapse prevention component in conjunction with 12-step or an alternative peer support program. Alternative methods include expressive therapies (like art and equine therapy), psychodrama, cinema therapy.

All treatment is performed on-site, including on-site 12-step meetings at the fire pit (weather permitting), though off-site 12-step and other support meetings are also available. Individual therapy is given at least three times a week. Group therapy takes place either outdoors or in the sun-filled room built just for this purpose.

A typical day involves getting up at 7 am to a freshly made smoothie and some outdoor exercise followed by breakfast at 8 am, morning meditation at 8:30 am and a process group led by a Master’s-level therapist at 9. There is an individual session or time for personal reflection at 11 am, lunch at noon, experiential therapy at 1 pm and physical fitness or Reiki/massage at 3:45 pm. Dinner is served at 6 pm, followed by a recovery meeting or social activity at 7:15, evening meditation at 9 and lights out at 10:30 pm.

The staff includes medical doctors, clinical psychologists, Master’s-level therapists, licensed addiction counselors and clinically trained recovery coaches.

The once a month weekend family program breaks down interpersonal relationships between family members and friends and is highly encouraged.

Bonus Amenities

Virtual golf is available on-site, as is yoga (including specialized 12-step recovery yoga). Other experiential therapies can involve archery, fishing, canoeing and hiking. Massage therapy is offered at the facility as well as Reiki, acupuncture and personal training. Off-campus outings also occur.


The Manor is an impeccably designed space for recovery, sparing nothing in the way of luxury or treatment offerings. Its holistic program is ideal for those with trauma or dual diagnoses. The integrated connection to the outside world is a great asset for those who need a recovery retreat, but can’t take time away from business.

The Manor

Address undisclosed to protect client privacy

Kettle Moraine, WI 53010

The Manor Cost: $48,000 (28 days, shared bath); $50,000 (28 days, private bath). Find the Manor on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn

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