Man In Hearse Busted Smuggling 67 Pounds Of Pot In Coffin

By William Georgiades 05/03/17

The coffin was packed with manure which agents suspect was meant to hide the smell of marijuana.

Back of hearse filled with marijuana
The Grim Reefer Photo via CBP Border Patrol

Last weekend, Arizona border patrol agents arrested a man after discovering 67 pounds of marijuana packed in a coffin in the back of his hearse.

According to Business Insider, prior to the drug bust, the conspicuous white hearse was seen driving south on Interstate Route 80, past an immigration checkpoint near Tucson. Border agents later saw the same hearse returning northbound, then turning away to avoid an upcoming immigration checkpoint.

This was enough to rouse the suspicions of border patrol agents.

The vehicle was stopped and drug-sniffing police dogs were deployed for a routine drug-scouting mission. Inside the hearse, the canine unit found a coffin packed to the brim with manure and 67 pounds of marijuana.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection reported that the pot was valued at $33,000. Agents suspect the manure was a failed attempt to mask the smell of the marijuana bricks. The male driver, a 28-year-old U.S. citizen, was arrested and both the pot and hearse were confiscated.

Last weekend turned out to be a pretty busy one for border patrol agents in Arizona. 

About a hundred miles away in Naco, agents uncovered a possible smuggling tunnel last weekend. Fox10 Phoenix reported that a construction worker clearing old border fencing found and reported the tunnel whereupon agents found what appeared to be an incomplete tunnel that extended from Mexico and into Arizona.

Trump has consistently addressed the need for the U.S. to build a wall to keep drugs from coming in through Mexico. This week, it appears that Congress may be set to at least partially oblige his request once the new budget is finalized. According to USA Todaythe new congressional budget will allocate $341 million to replacing fencing and levee gates at the border.

Trump celebrated the news during a ceremony at the Rose Garden on Tuesday. "So we’re putting up a lot of new walls in certain areas. We’re putting up a tremendous amount of money to fix the existing structures that we have, some of which we can keep into the future. They’re in good shape, but we have to bring them back to the highest level. We’ll be doing that with this payment."

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