How to Find the Best Rehab for Xartemis XR Addiction

By The Fix staff 08/04/19

Use this guide to find answers to your questions about Xartemis XR Addiction.

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1. What is Xartemis XR?
2. Slang terms for Xartemis XR
3. How to use Xartemis XR
4. What to avoid when taking Xartemis XR?
5. What are the signs of Xartemis XR abuse?
6. What is Xartemis XR rehab?
7. How can rehab help you with Xartemis XR treatment?
8. What are the various rehab centers for Xartemis XR dependence?
9. What is the duration of a rehab treatment?
10. What are the payment options for rehab?

What is Xartemis XR?

Xartemis XR is a combination of Oxycodone and acetaminophen, and it’s prescribed to patients who want relief from moderate to severe pain. This pain can be caused due to terminal illnesses like cancer, or severe injuries, etc. This medication is only prescribed when other painkillers don't work. 

Acetaminophen is used to reduce fever and pain; If taken in larger doses than necessary, it increases the risk of severe liver damage. Oxycodone is a narcotic pain reliever, and it affects the central nervous system. When it’s used for a long time, it can be addictive if you have consistent pain. It’s best to consult with your doctor on the best dose that will help you in the long run. Addiction happens when you take the medication without cause and for a longer time than necessary. This medication has strict distribution regulations, and a valid prescription from your doctor is needed to obtain it. 

Slang terms for Xartemis XR:

Slang terms are used by street dealers who work with the illegal distribution of a controlled prescription drugs. They use code words so that they don't get caught by authorities. It's essential that medical professionals are aware of the slang terms because they can diagnose Xartemis XR overdose symptoms quickly. Some of the common slang names are:

  • Captain Cody 
  • Cody
  • Loads 
  • Monkey
  • Juice
  • Dillies
  • Pain killer 
  • China girl 

How to use Xartemis XR

To get the full Xartemis XR effects, you have to take the medication as advised by your doctor strictly. Do not take more than needed for longer than required; this will cause addiction and mental dependence. This precaution is especially directed at senior citizens because they are more sensitive to the effects of pain medications. If you take too many habit-forming pain medicines for a long time, it can become addictive, and the acetaminophen can harm your liver. 

It’s essential that you understand the guidelines that come with Xartemis XR so that you can prevent a downward spiral into addiction and substance abuse. Every time you refill your case, ensure that you read the medical guide that comes with it. This way, you can ask your doctor any questions you may have on the dose. 

This medicine can be taken with or without food. However, if you're prone to nausea, it's best that you take the medicine with food. If nausea persists, then you should visit your doctor so that they can change the dose. If you prefer the liquid form, then ensure that you purchase the measuring device that comes with the bottle. This will help you get an accurate dose. Avoid using a household tablespoon because the dose may vary. 

The tablet is extended release, so you will have to swallow it with water or another liquid. Do not crush, break, chew, dissolve, inject, or snort the pills. This medicine should not be kept in your mouth for longer than necessary, and it should not be provided to the patient through feeding tubes. 

If you feel that the medication is not working anymore, then this means that you have built up a tolerance against it. Do not increase the dose without consulting your doctor, and you can check with them about whether the dosage form can be changed as well. 

What to avoid when taking Xartemis XR?

People who engage in substance abuse might recreationally mix the drug with alcohol and other painkillers to get a better high. When various narcotics are taken together, they act as nervous system depressants. When you mix painkillers with alcohol, you can amplify adverse effects like shallow breathing and slow pulse. Painkillers are sometimes gateway drugs that lead to using harder drugs to get the same high..

What are the signs of Xartemis XR abuse?

Xartemis XR can lead to substance abuse when patients don't follow the doctor's instructions. The addiction will expose you to various health risks that will affect you mentally and physically. When Xartemis XR is taken for an extended period, then you might overdose; an untreated overdose episode can lead to death. To avoid any addiction or dependence, doctors usually assess the patient and their medical records before prescribing Xartemis XR. 

Listed below are some of the symptoms of Xartemis XR abuse:

  • Heart palpitations 
  • Dry mouth 
  • Blurry vision 
  • Hypersensitivity 
  • Loss of appetite 
  • Migraines 
  • Memory distortion 
  • Sedation 
  • Tremors 
  • Muscle spasms

If you know someone who is dealing with Xartemis XR addiction, he or she might exhibit the following signs:

>> Thinking about and obsessing over the next dose 

>> Spending excessive amounts of money on the painkiller 

>> Failing to keep up with professional, social, and personal responsibilities 

>> Indulging in large doses to get high 

>> Stealing the drugs from medicine cabinets 

>> Counterfeiting prescriptions

>> Purchasing the medication online or off the street

What is Xartemis XR rehab?

When you gain an addiction to any painkiller, you may notice that your priorities begin to shift. You might stop spending time on positive and beneficial tasks and devote time to obtaining and using the prescription drug. When addiction takes hold of you, your mental and physical state may begin to deteriorate, and this can lead to a host of psychological and physical illnesses. 

The first step to recover from substance abuse is accepting that you have a problem. Convincing someone that they have an addiction while they are in denial will not help them sober up. When the person accepts that they have a problem, the rehabilitation process can get easier, and it can benefit them in the long run as well. 

Rehab is sometimes essential, because you're under professional supervision and expert advice; the experts help you through your withdrawal process and try to ensure that you don't relapse. When you use Xartemis XR for a long time, you're risking damage to your physical health like liver damage and muscle deterioration. It also affects your mental health, making you crave a more significant dose when it's not needed and it can also bring about feelings of paranoia. If you're looking for a rehab for Xartemis XR addiction, then you have to ensure that you get the proper help and that the center is a legitimate one. It's best to get help as soon as possible from medical professionals who will help you on the road to sobriety.

How can rehab help you with Xartemis XR treatment?

When a patient experiences from severe addiction, they are taken through various processes of rehabilitation. This can help expel all traces of the drug from the body. Firstly, it’s strongly recommended that you go through a detox. Detoxification includes withdrawal, which is a challenging process, and self-treatment may be difficult. This is because detox can take a toll on your physical and mental health, and if there is no professional around to help you and guide you through the detox process, you might relapse during your recovery process. 

Detoxification breaks the wheel of physical addiction and cleanses your body from toxic chemicals. When you go through detox in a rehab center, medical professionals can help you control and reduce any withdrawal symptoms by providing guidance and safe medication. 

After detox, the next step is therapy. Therapy includes preparing yourself mentally and physically to face the outside world once you're sober. If you avoid treatment after detox, you might increase your chances of a relapse, and life after withdrawal can be overwhelming. 

When it comes to therapy, you can start treating and overcoming your addiction with one-on-one, individualized treatment plans. Xartemis XR rehab usually takes place in inpatient treatment facilities, and these rehab centers are the best option for some, because they can provide sufficient time to tackle issues that may encourage relapse. 

When you're admitted for rehabilitation, you may face a blend of treatments that include some behavioral therapy sessions which are research based; they may include cognitive and dialectical behavior therapies. These therapy sessions are held to get to the root cause of your addiction. They will identify triggers and help you control them, and the session will help you understand how your addiction has affected your family and friends. They might diagnose your mental health, and will help you along the road to recovery. 

Rehab centers will also offer aftercare services that can help you face the outside world once you're done with therapy. Aftercare services are held to keep a check on your mental and physical health. They help you work to avoid relapse episodes and identify your triggers as well. Aftercare services will also help you stay focused on your new goals as a sober individual. 

What are the various rehab centers for Xartemis XR dependence?

Outpatient treatment:

These rehab centers don't offer round the clock treatment or constant supervision. Here, you're treated based on appointments. This treatment is best for people who can go about their regular routines while receiving care, and not have a relapse episode. 

Inpatient treatment:

In this type of surgery, the patient gets treated in a hospital-like setting where supervision and help are available at all times. You will have to live in the center for a certain period and follow all the guidelines that will help you achieve recovery. This treatment is best suited for addicts who need professional help to get better.

Residential treatment:

These are quite similar to inpatient treatment facilities, except that it's held in a residential complex. The environment and facilities of a residential center are quite different than that of a hospital rehab center. The rehab centers' approach is more all-inclusive, and the patient can live in a secure environment that helps enable the detoxification process. Some medical professionals help you get by and encourage you to complete your journey to sobriety. This can also help in better recovery for the patient and is often recommended for Xartemis XR addiction.

Inpatient vs. Outpatient clinics:

When it comes to addiction, treatment research has shown that a uniquely comprehensive and varied approach can be the preferred way to help recover from substance abuse. The aspects include focusing on the biological, social, and psychological variants of the patient. This action is considered multi-disciplinary treatment and includes using supportive counseling. This therapy usually feels motivating and encourages the patient to accept change as a positive way of life. Rehabilitation focuses on therapy because it teaches the patient how to cope with their lifestyle once they are back to their regular routines. Medical consultation helps a patient to determine which program is best suited for them, primarily based on individual needs. 

If you go for an inpatient or residential treatment plan, you will be living in the facility and be under constant supervision. The treatment process begins with the withdrawal process, after which the therapy will begin. As a patient, once you accept that you have a problem, that's when you can gain the full benefits of the treatment plan.

What is the duration of a rehab treatment?

Whichever treatment facility you want, you will have a treatment duration that can last from 30 to 90 days. Most rehab centers will offer treatment periods that are flexible, although it depends on the needs and the progress of the patient.

It’s noticed that many rehab centers provide short-term residential treatment, and it’s quite common to start with client detox, initial intensive treatment, and aftercare programs. Essentially, rehab works to prepare the individual to handle ups and downs once they are sober; they also help the patient recognize triggers that may cause a relapse. 

What are the payment options for rehab?

There are various fees for rehab centers. It depends on many factors like facilities, staff, and location. Gaining freedom from the grasp of addiction can be priceless, but you still have to settle a bill once you're done with your treatment. Here are some of the preferred methods of payment that you might be able to take up:

>> If you have enough savings, you can pay for your treatment from your account.

>> You can try taking a short-term loan from your friends or family, especially if they are concerned for your well-being.

>> There are special or short-term insurance policies that are available for treatment facilities. However, ensure that the policy covers your treatment plan. 

If you know of anyone or if you're suffering from Xartemis XR addiction, you can always reach out for help from capable rehab centers and their team of professionals. Family and friend support is always welcome, but professional advice can give you added care.

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