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By The Fix staff 06/22/19

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Table of Contents

1. What is Sublimaze and What is It Used For?
2. What Effects Does Sublimaze Have?
3. Sublimaze Street Names
4. Signs of Addiction to Sublimaze
5. Overdosing on Sublimaze
6. Sublimaze Withdrawal and Detox
7. Sublimaze Addiction Treatment and Rehabilitation
8. Choose the Best Rehabilitation Center for Sublimaze

There is no question that there is a serious opioid epidemic facing the United States today. If you believe that a loved one might be addicted to Sublimaze, or you believe that you are an addict, it is important that you reach out and get help before it’s too late.

Those who are suffering from an addiction will find that having the guidance of a proper Sublimaze rehab facility can make the process easier and more bearable. This drug is highly addictive, and it can cause terrible health issues, as well as rifts to develop between loved ones. The sooner you admit there is a problem, the sooner you can get help and start recovery.

What is Sublimaze and What is It Used For?

Sublimaze is the brand name for fentanyl citrate, which is a narcotic analgesic. The drug is generally used as a way to anesthetize patients before they undergo surgery. It can also be used during the surgery to help treat pain. This opioid is known to be more potent than even morphine, which means that it is highly addictive. Sublimaze is an injectable drug, and within each millimeter solution of the drug, there is 50 mcg of the fentanyl base. It can be used as an intramuscular injection, or it could be used intravenously.

In addition to the injectable form, there are other dosage forms. They include nasal spray and a transdermal patch. Regardless of the way that a person receives the drug, it will still have the same effects and the same danger of addiction.

What Effects Does Sublimaze Have?

Sublimaze will help mask feelings of pain, and it may provide a euphoric and pleasurable feeling for those who take it. These pleasurable feelings are what make some people take the drug illegally and to take more than they need. Addiction can occur with this powerful opioid, and it can cause a range of potential adverse effects. These effects will not happen with everyone who takes the drug, but they can and do occur.

  • Blurred vision
  • Convulsions
  • Dry mouth
  • Fever or chills
  • Mood changes
  • Muscle cramps
  • Nervousness
  • Rapid breathing
  • Swelling of the extremities
  • Tightness in the chest
  • Stomach pain

These are just some of the types of adverse side effects that some patients have experienced when they have been given the drug.

Sublimaze Street Names

There are many street names associated with Sublimaze, and with fentanyl in general today. Some of the slang used to describe the drug include:

  • China white
  • China girl
  • Apache
  • Dance fever
  • Goodfellas
  • Friend
  • Tango & Cash
  • Murder 8

Of course, these are just some of the known street names use for fentanyl. Those who buy and sell will likely have other names that they use, as well.

Signs of Addiction to Sublimaze

Because many people use the injectable form of the drug, it means that they will have to have needles, and they may have needle marks on their body. The DSM-5 recognizes 11 symptoms that are typically associated with opioid addiction. If some of these sound familiar, then you are likely addicted to the drug.

  • More of the drug is taken, or it is taken for a longer period than intended.
  • The subject has a desire to stop, but they are not successful in their attempts
  • A large part of a person’s day is spent trying to obtain the drug.
  • The subject has cravings to use the drug.
  • The person is not meeting their obligations at home, work, or school because of the drug use.
  • The person continues to use the drug even though it is causing problems in their life.
  • The subject withdraws from social activities, work, and recreational activities to use the drug.
  • The subject continues to use the drug, even though it is putting them and others into dangerous situations.
  • The use continues even though there are psychological or physical problems developing.
  • The subject develops a tolerance to the drug.
  • Symptoms of withdrawal appear when the drug usage is decreased or stops.

Overdosing on Sublimaze

Because of the power of the drug, it is possible for someone to overdose on Sublimaze easily. One of the main signs of an overdose in a patient who has taken the drug is severe respiratory depression. When the drug is given in hospitals, it is essential to have the vital signs monitored for these signs. When someone is taking the drug illegally and without the authorization of a medical professional, there is no one around to monitor them. The respiratory depression can lead to carbon dioxide toxicity, as well as hypoxia, coma, and death.

Those who feel that they or a loved one may be overdosing should immediately get in touch with emergency services. There is no time to delay in getting the necessary help.

Sublimaze Withdrawal and Detox

People who are addicted to Sublimaze will find that even if they go a few hours without the drug being in their system, they can start to experience the effects of withdrawal. These can be painful and disturbing effects, including muscle and bone pain, vomiting and diarrhea, cold flashes, goosebumps, leg movements that you can’t control, and problems with sleep. Of course, you will also feel severe cravings during this time and will want to find a way that you can get your hands on the drug to make those withdrawal symptoms go away.

Those who are committed to finally quitting and getting into a Sublimaze rehab to help them deal with their fentanyl addiction will have to go through the withdrawal, though. However, they should have the help of professionals rather than attempting it on their own. One of the most common methods of detox for Sublimaze today is gradually removing the drug from a person’s system. The doctors will wean the person off the drug. There will still be withdrawal symptoms, and they will not be pleasant, but it is the first step into getting into a rehabilitation center and getting proper help.

Sublimaze Addiction Treatment and Rehabilitation

After going through a detox program, the real recovery can start. There are a number of options available through most of the fentanyl addiction treatment programs. There may be inpatient facilities, as well as outpatient options. Both of these have their pros and cons.

For those who have moderate to severe addictions, it is likely that the doctor will want you to go through an inpatient program. These have some nice benefits.

  • Live at the facility with around the clock care.
  • No chance of falling to temptation, as there will not be any Sublimaze available on the property for you.
  • Helpful for those who may not have a strong support structure at home

On the other hand, there are some benefits to outpatient treatment, as well. This is particularly true for those who still have to take care of their work, family, and other obligations that they couldn’t do if they were in a facility. Ultimately, it will depend on what will be best for you.

Many different types of therapy treatments are available for patients today, as well. There are individual therapy sessions, as well as group and family therapy sessions with many Sublimaze rehab centers. In addition, a range of psychotherapy options will be available, as well. These can be a good solution for many who abuse fentanyl. Proper therapy will be able to help with the physical and the psychological addiction that it can cause. Additionally, there may be holistic therapies and treatments, such as art therapy or meditation, available through some rehab centers.

Choose the Best Rehabilitation Center for Sublimaze

Knowing more about the various types of treatment options that are available is important for those who are looking into Sublimaze rehab. However, simply knowing about the options that are available is not enough. Those who want to get better and start on the road to recovery need to be sure that they are choosing the right rehab facility for the fentanyl addiction.

Choosing the best Sublimaze rehab center can give you a better chance of success. You want to consider the types of needs that you have and the types of treatment that will work for you. Would you be better off with an inpatient program? Are you looking for a range of different types of psychotherapy? Are you also interested in holistic type treatments? Consider what you want from a facility and then you will be able to start to narrow your selections.

Remember to check out the reputation of the facility, as well as their types of treatments and therapies. Learn more about their staff, as well. Call and ask questions, and even set up an appointment to visit the facility. Find a facility for rehab treatment that can provide you with a plan that is tailored toward you.

This is a very big step, and you want to be sure that you are choosing the Sublimaze rehab center that can provide you with the best chance of success.


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