Luxury Recovery Centers

Teddy Kennedy

When some people hear the term Luxury Recovery Center, they automatically associate it with a high-end facility that caters only to celebrities or the rich and famous. Luxury recovery centers are not specifically tailored for the elite alone; these programs are created to help people recover from addiction in a comfortable setting.

The primary objective in choosing an luxury drug rehab or luxury alcohol rehab is to ensure that your direct needs will be met by staff and trained professionals, who offer expert care. The facility itself should definitely be a reputable one, regardless of whether it's expensive or not. When inquiring about a rehab center, the first questions to ask are:

  • Where is the facility located? Is your priority to stay in a quiet country setting, in a beautiful mountainous region, or right on a peaceful beach.The area should reflect your mood and preference and offer you the peace and comfort you need.

  • What amenities do they offer? There are many centers that offer private baths and rooms, a variety of menu options – vegetarian, organic, ethnic – and computer/Internet access. They also give individual, personal care.

  • What kinds of activities do they provide? Exercise and outdoor activities keep the mind and body occupied. Opportunities like horseback riding and swimming are integrated into addiction programs to help distract patients from becoming depressed or experiencing other addiction symptoms.To find a center that provides more options, call one in your area and ask for assistance.

Choosing the Right Center

Choosing the right rehab facility may be more challenging than you might think. Some luxury centers cater strictly to those who want to get away and offer very little to no addiction treatment. These are little more than vacation spots that are more or less termed celebrity getaway spas. If you are serious about recovery, look into the center's program and find out precisely what they have to offer. If they provide the treatment as well as luxury and activities, then you know you made a good choice.

Each facility, in terms of treatment, varies with its own methods and systems for patient recovery. Knowing what to look for can be simplified by knowing the basic systems and processes mandatory for all facilities. Professional treatment centers will offer:

  • Detoxification services to soothe chemical withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal can be mild to severe; it requires strict medical regimes along with counseling sessions. Because of the traumatic nature of withdrawal symptoms, one-third of all addiction cases result in a spinoff disorder.This happens when long-term drug abuse causes other illnesses, such as insomnia, depression and other mental ailments. Medical and clinical staff should be on hand to handle dual-diagnosis patients.

  • Group or one-on-one therapy is an important factor for every patient. If a center has a board-certified drug abuse therapist included in the treatment program, this shows that quality care is implemented in aiding recovery.

  • The 12-step program is a follow-up plan for recovering patients. The group sessions and regularity of meetings help former addicts with the transition to a normal lifestyle and is a vital part of the treatment. However, many people need more than 12-steps in their aftercare plan. Be sure your treatment center offers a quality aftercare program.

To find out more about what recovery programs entail, reach out to a representative. He or she will be sure to answer any questions you have.