Where Can I Find Rehab for Morphabond Addiction?

By The Fix staff 07/18/19

Questions about Morphabond's effects and risks? Use this helpful guide to learn all you need to know about this opioid pain reliever.

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1. What is Morphabond?
2. Uses of the Morphabond drug
3. Morphabond addiction and problems with addiction
4. Addiction and withdrawal symptoms of Morphabond
5. How can Morphabond Rehabs help patients recover from drug abuse?
6. Payment for Rehab loans and insurance
7. Conclusion

What is Morphabond?

Drug addiction has become a severe issue with teenagers and adults from all around the world. The rise in drug addicts has seen an unfortunate and tremendous growth in the last few years. Many lives have been lost through addiction from one drug or the other. Even though several measures are taken to stop this problem by the governments of various countries, we as a society are still not in a great place when it comes to eradicating the present issue of drug addiction. The most commonly used recreational drugs like cocaine, marijuana, and other pharmaceutical drugs like Opioids and Ibudone, are claiming lives, especially when they’re used in large amounts for a long time and without a doctor’s prescription.

Morphabond is one such drug. Morphabond is a drug that’s used for for extreme pain relief. This drug is normally used for treating cancer patients who experience intense pain. It’s taken in oral form and is classified as an opioid agonist, specifically a full opioid agonist which means it binds completely to the opioid receptor providing maximum results. Some full agonists are codeine, fentanyl, methadone, morphine, etc. When these components bind tightly with receptor chemicals, they work very effectively as medicinal drugs.

Uses of the Morphabond drug

The active ingredient of morphabond is morphine, so when it binds to opioid receptors, it releases morphine into the patient's body and brain which gives them relief from the pain that cancer may cause; morphabond is a significant drug prescribed to cancer patients. Since the drug has an opioid in it and it's quite a strong medicine, it has various side effects as well. When a morphabond (long-acting morphine tablets) pill is taken, it can make the patient drowsy. Side effects, when the tablets are taken in quantities exceding the dosage recommended by a doctor can include difficulty breathing, which can lead to death.

Morphabond tablets are prescribed as a whole tablet, which means you should not take it by dissolving it with any liquid, chewing it, or by breaking or crushing it. There are different strength levels of Morphabond to treat the different levels of pain in patients; the strength that reduces the pain level might vary from person to person. While a Morphabond tablet with lower strength may not work correctly if your pain is high, a tablet of Morphabond with high strength may have adverse effects on the user, thereby causing an accidental overdose which is why it is importand for doctors to find the correct dose for each patient.

The Morphabond drug is commonly known as Morphine Sulfate, or simply Morphine, which is also the active ingredient of the drug. Well-known among the masses for effectively reducing pain, Morphabond is a prescription drug; this means you can’t purchase the drug over the counter. If you purchase it without a prescription, it’s considered a criminal offense. When a person is prescribed Morphabond, the doctors and physicians should monitor the user so that they don’t abuse or misuse the drug and take it only at prescribed dosages.

If the users are found having problems breathing after the consumption of the drug, the doctor should be called without any delay, as the side effects can be deadly. If anyone in your family is taking Morphabond tablets, make sure to keep the drug in a place where children or even adults can’t reach. Before taking this medicine, the patients are advised to let the doctors know if they have any allergies to any medication, or other health problems like lung problems, asthma, or any other issues that may react with Morphine and cause serious health issues.

Morphabond addiction and problems with addiction

Addiction of any kind is typically described as a condition where a person continues using a substance and can't stop the consumption even when they no longer need it to treat the condition for which it was prescribed. This condition can be physiological but also psychological  because even when the body recovers from the illness, for which they were consuming the drug, their brain still thinks that if they cease taking medicine, they will go back to extreme suffering. 

Addiction can cause a problem not only to an individual's body but to their personal / social lives as well. Often, addicts can lose their jobs or run out of money to buy the drugs and their friends and family are the ones who have to face the addict's mood swings, ill temper, and behavioral changes. Although Morphabond Rehab services can be availed, addicts may not be able to pay for treatment because it can be expensive.

Morphabond is a highly addictive drug because of its main ingredient, morphine, which is an opioid. Not only do they bind with opioid receptors to decrease the pain level of the user, but it also triggers a rush of dopamine in the body as well, dopamine gives the patient a sense of euphoria and calmness. Once a person starts taking morphine and does not stop the consumption when they no longer need the medication, their body adapts to the high, and it slowly progresses into an addiction.

Morphabond always comes with a warning of accidental overdose that may lead to death, so you must use the drug only for the duration the doctor has suggested; following the prescription is significant and necessary. Abusing the drug to feel the dopamine high when you're no longer in need of it is illegal, and so is selling and purchasing the medication without a doctor's prescription.

Addiction and withdrawal symptoms of Morphabond

As we dive deeper into the addiction symptoms of any drug, in this case, Morphabond, it’s essential to keep in mind that misusing Morphabond and getting addicted to it are two different things. However, addiction is the process of using a drug for a prolonged period where the ability to give up its intake is wholly lost. To avoid any addiction or dependence, you should stop using the drug once the course of the medication is not needed anymore.

An addiction to any drug including Morphabond will have adverse effects on your health. So, what are the symptoms of Morphabond abuse and addiction, and how can you detect them in the early stages?

Morphabond abuse symptoms can include consuming higher doses in tablet forms than the prescribed amount, crushing the tablets to powder and then snorting them, and taking more than one dose of Morphabond within 12 hours; this amount can be fatal. If someone uses Morphabond without a prescription, then it counts as substance abuse, as well. When you’re taking a prescribed Morphabond dose, but you start showing signs of drowsiness, dizziness, and confusion, then your friends and family should check the dosage you have consumed because this could be one of the early signs of Morphabond addiction. 

If you stop taking it entirely, instead of reducing the amount of intake slowly, you may experience withdrawal. The withdrawal symptoms of Morphabond can be painful. The user can suffer from restlessness, watery eyes, nausea, muscle aches, and a lot more symptoms. So, instead of ceasing the use of the drug all at once, doctors recommend lowering the dose gradually until the patient is clean or until they don’t exhibit withdrawal symptoms.

How can Morphabond Rehabs help patients recover from drug abuse?

Drug abuse is quite prevalent among youngsters; they are vulnerable to its effects and enjoy the effects more than adults. Authorities from all over the world have tried to stop substance abuse by supporting rehab centers. Various Morphabond rehab centers have been set up to help patients get rid of their addiction, yet the percentage of abusers has not reduced significantly. During the Morphabond rehabilitation period, patients are kept under supervision. The first phase of treatment is usually detox. Medical detox is a process where the user is given medications such as sedatives to mitigate the adverse effects of withdrawal as they are weaned off the drug.

There are three main types of Morphabond Rehab:

  • Inpatient Rehab: Inpatient rehab for Morphabond is where a patient needs to reside in a hospital or rehab facility 24/7 for a limited period. They share an environment that is under the supervision of drug experts, and it’s completely safe. The patients will undergo treatment, therapy, and counseling. Friends and family are welcomed to participate with the patient during the therapy sessions and provide them with mental support.
  • Outpatient Rehab: Outpatient rehab is a treatment plan where a patient doesn’t need to stay in a facility or hospital. They could live in their own homes and visit a clinic or rehab center during their allotted time and seek support from counselors. One can participate in outpatient rehab on their own, or they could participate in this process after they have been through inpatient rehab treatment.
  • Residential Rehab: Residential Rehab is a setting more like a house than a hospital where the patients can choose to live in a residential setup and still seek help from therapists and counselors. While choosing both residential and inpatient rehab, patients should leave their work, college, or school routines for the period the session is meant to last.

Payment for Rehab loans and insurance

It’s no secret that the cost of rehab can be expensive. Often patients have depleted their savings by the time they decide to seek help. If the person has insurance, their policy may or may not cover all of the treatment expenses. Sometimes patients need to get a loan from a lending institution.

However, if the person doesn’t have a good credit score or no credit score at all, it would be a problem to secure a loan as well. So, taking financial help from friends and family by borrowing money from them can also be a viable option. Before applying for a loan in a financial institute, ensure that the amount would be able to cover the whole rehab process, and also be midnful of the interest rate.


It’s vital for everyone to support a person seeking help through the whole process. Attending the rehab session where the clinics allow friends and family members and understand where you stand in this process is instrumental in recovering from addiction. It’s essential that, as a patient, you’re assured that there is a world outside drugs and addictions while going through the process. As a loved one, you have to take special care of what you say and what you do, so you don’t trigger a relapse. Provide the patient a place to stay after they finish their rehab session, if possible. Keep them engaged in activities as alternatives to drug use.

Before choosing a rehab center, ensure that it's the correct center for their problems. Research about the treatment they provide, the counselors work record and the aftercare they provide. Choosing a random clinic just because you want to help your friend or family is not the way to go.

The times might be hard during the rehab process, but in the end, everything will be worth it. There are many people who have successfully completed rehab programs and are doing wonders with their lives. If they can, you can too. That's the mindset one should have to successfully complete the process and lead a healthy life. 

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