Ever wondered what amenities you get in a luxury drug rehab?

By The Fix staff 01/21/15

Luxury Drug Rehab: Get High-Quality Care for Affluent Persons

Luxury Drug Rehab

The most difficult part of dealing with drug abuse is admitting that you or a loved one has a problem. Although this may be one of the most stressful periods in your life, rejoice that the most difficult part of the process has now been completed. You do not have to get treatment for drug abuse in just any facility; you can get help for drug abuse at a Luxury Drug Rehab. Now, you may be wondering how Luxury Drug Rehabs differ from traditional rehabs. Luxury Drug Rehabs give you an extensive array of options beyond traditional treatment approaches to drug abuse that are designed to leave your mind relaxed, your body feeling great, and keep you as comfortable as possible.

You will get the help you need to overcome drug abuse without giving up any of your favorite pastimes. Enjoy extensive recreational activities; engage in leading complementary and alternative therapies, and take advantage of the on-site available luxury services. Before you head off to your 10,000-thread-count, Egyptian Cotton sheets (which you will also have in a Luxury Drug Rehab) to sleep, consider these primary aspects of Luxury Rehab.

Privacy in a Luxury Drug Rehab Program

One of the biggest concerns that someone has before going into drug rehab is if the visit will remain confidential. The tabloids constantly air the "dirty laundry" of this celebrity or that high-class individual. However, you can make sure that your stay remains completely confidential when you first check-in to Luxury Drug Rehab.  According to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, your entire stay in rehab will be kept confidential unless you give written permission to release your information to specific individuals. You need not worry about your information getting out in public, and you can take the time your body needs to heal and recover from drug abuse in some of the most exclusive care settings in the world.

Luxury Drug Rehab Center Approaches

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, an effective treatment approach to drug abuse includes medication and behavioral therapy. However, luxury drug rehab takes this a step further to incorporate Complimentary, Alternative, and Integrated Medicinal practices into your treatment program.

According to the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Complementary medicine uses non-traditional approaches to treatment in combination with conventional treatment approaches to succeed in drug rehab. Alternative treatment does not use any conventional forms of drug rehab, and Integrated Medicinal programs use a combination of mind and body practices with natural products to overcome the grasp of drug addiction and abuse.

Natural Products

During your stay at a luxury drug rehab, you will have the opportunity to use several natural products, more commonly referred to as dietary supplements, to help overcome your addiction while receiving behavioral therapy and medication treatment.

Mind and Body Practices

Available mind and body practices will vary depending upon the luxury drug rehab center you choose. However, this list represents an overview of the mind and body practices shown to treat drug abuse.


This traditional, Asian practice of healing realigns pressure points within the body through the use of a thin, needle inserted in the skin.

Massage Therapy 

A massage therapist will work out the tension in your joints, muscles, and help you feel more relaxed. Several different types of massage therapy exist and are designed to target specific parts of the body through differing strokes to the skin. For example, a Shiatsu massage uses intense, deep-penetrating strokes to reach tension held within the center to deepest layer of your muscles.


These mind practices refocus your thoughts and functions in a similar manner to psychotherapy. You will learn to distract your mind from the cravings for drugs.

Movement Therapies

Pilates is one of the most widely known types of movement therapies available. Pilates focuses on improving the strength, coordination, and capability to endure stressful situations of muscles through differing exercises.

Spinal Manipulation

Practiced by a wide range of medical professionals, often chiropractors, spinal manipulation makes adjustments to the core bones of your body--the spine--to produce a desired change in feelings of pain, hopelessness, or even desire to abuse drugs.

Tai-Chi and Gi Gong

These are Chinese relaxation practices similar to meditation.

Other Relaxation Practices

In addition to the above-mentioned types of mind and body practices, yoga, controlled breathing, equine therapy, guided imagery, and progressive muscle relaxation will help you let go of stress and overcome your problem with drug abuse.

Inpatient Luxury Drug Rehab and Dual Diagnosis Disorders

According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, 53% of those who abuse drugs have an underlying, severe mental health disorder, which is also known as a dual diagnosis. You will receive treatment for your whole body and mind while attending an inpatient luxury drug rehab.

Luxury Rehabilitation Services

While you continue receiving treatment for your drug abuse problem, you can take advantage of the exquisite services offered at Luxury Drug Rehabs. Have everything you need at your fingertips with concierge service, and never fear a missed visit to the spa, a bad hair day, or even being away from your furry best-friend due to rehab.

Concierge Services

What do you remember most about the last time you traveled around the world and stayed in the nicest hotel that you have ever been in? You can expect to have that same level of respect and service given to you through concierge services at a Luxury Rehab Center. Request personal hygiene products from exclusive vendors. Have the clerk pick or take away your laundry and dry cleaning. You may even have restaurant foods brought to your room.

Fine Dining

Enjoy the perks of having a professionally trained chef prepare your meals, or choose from among your favorite restaurants to have food delivered. You will be able to order room service throughout most, if not all, of every day. Imagine waking up to breakfast in bed, a message from your doctor, and looking out onto the terrace for the first rays of sunshine in your new, drug-free lifestyle.

Spa Treatments

During drug treatment at a luxury drug rehab, you will be able to continue to have exquisite spa treatments, such as facials, saunas, and hot-stone massages. In addition, you will have access to a wide range of massage therapies available.

Fitness and Pools

Most luxury drug rehab centers have a state-of-the-art fitness center to help you stay in shape. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), exercise is one of the most effective coping skills for managing physical or mental stress. Furthermore, you may be able to have a certified, personal trainer to assist you during your stay. Most luxury rehab centers also have pools to give you a chance to spend the day lounging in the sun and water, or you might decide to swim a few laps.

Salon Services

In addition to the luxury setting of your room, you will be able to have your hair colored, washed, blown out, cut, or anything else you would like in the facility salon. Furthermore, you can get a manicure or pedicure any day that you feel your nails need a bit more work. These services will help make you feel more self-confident and reinforce your goal of breaking free from drugs.


Some luxury drug rehab centers may allow you to have pets or animals with you. The benefits of animal therapy are constantly being shown through the media, and luxury drug rehabs often allow you to have access to this natural form of therapy throughout the course of your treatment.

Luxury drug rehabs give you ample opportunity to experience the most lavish of treatment therapies and accommodations while continuing to receive treatment for a drug abuse disorder. You deserve to have the best care, best room, and best everything when you have made the difficult decision to get help at a Luxury Drug Rehab. You will have an immense sense of empowerment and freedom due to the exclusive services offered in the facility.

If you think of your stay in a Luxury Drug Rehab as a vacation, you can imagine that you are taking a step back from the problems in life that have brought you to your current situation with drug abuse. Once you have seen the horrors of drug abuse, you will find unknown beauty and spirit through any of the available complementary and alternative medicine therapies. In addition, you will receive treatment for any other mental health disorder if you should happen to have one. Here is your pathway to wellness before you. Does it look inviting?

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