What if Alcohol Marketing Looked Like This ?

By Boozemusings Co... 10/30/18
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Do you need help losing days or even weeks of your life?
Do you want to avoid life while having a short-term blast?
Tired of having energy and getting things done?
Liquid Thief can help.
Drinking Liquid Thief in large quantities will wipe away all of those days you definitely don't want to remember. Who needed those days anyway? 
Always dreamed of telling your boss to stick it up his arse? Liquid Thief will finally give you the courage.
Tired of some of your annoying friends? Try Liquid Thief. Who needed that bitch anyway? 
Bank statement says you have extra money? Don't worry, Liquid Thief will take care of that!
Liquid Thief comes in many flavors - Bitter Bubbly Yeast, Sweet Fruity Yeast, Brown Disinfectant and Clear Disinfectant. *
Liquid Thief. Because why have a meaningful peaceful existence when you can let loose and lose your mind for a few hours every day.
*Taste masking mixers not included
Disclaimer: Liquid Thief has been shown in some studies to cause, heart disease, diabetes, slurred speech, high blood pressure, poverty, car accidents, fatal falls, and death. Do not take Liquid Thief while voting.
I think I'm ready to begin the process of working towards a Liquid Thief free life. 



If you're drinking too much too often Rethink the Drink.

Alcohol is the only drug that people will question you for Not using . 

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