Top Ten thoughts after another AF weekend

By Boozemusings Co... 10/15/18

10. There is no drink on earth that can give life purpose.

9. I prefer being a sober alcoholic to being a drunk in denial.

8. I never cease to be impressed by the courage and honesty of those working to overcome their drinking problems.

7. We get there one step at a time, not all at once. We need to love and respect ourselves at each step.

6. Sometimes I wish I could just go back and start over - make a new beginning. I can't, but I can start now and make a new future.

5. I have worked hard to stay AF. A drink isn't worth giving that up.

4. Sobriety is good, but in the end it is simply removing a bad thing. I need to start adding good things.

3. Don't drink now. Repeat.

2. I am alive. I am sober. This is a great day to be alive and sober.

1. Forget random acts of kindness. Let's do all the good we can.




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This top ten list came from a man who I'll call Ted. My friend Ted is a husband, father, grandfather and hard working professional who is fighting off the" little voice" in his head that loves whiskey. Ted often simply posts top ten lists, that always hit the nail on the head. Sometimes these lists are serious and informative and sometimes very funny, but I know that I would not have gotten through my first alcohol free year with style and a smile if it weren't for Ted.

When Ted and I parted ways he said that I could publish his posts far and wide on behalf of the Boozemusings Community .
And so I will.
Thank you Ted ! 



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