Thanks to Sobriety I saw Kevin Smith & Scott Mosier!

By M1dnight Rambl3r 09/30/19
Smodcast, Kevin Smith & Scott Mosier

The Morning of... SMODCAST!
Saturday - 29th July 2017

(A nice small, jolly post for you to read before I submit the heavy one!)

Wake up around 7am with my much, much better half L and our daughter, A. We watch Spongebob with our morning coffee, A has her cereal, not coffee. Just to make that clear.

Also, I want to give a shout out to 'Stephen Hillenburg' very sad news recently, he had given us such a wonderful, bizarre and entertaining character/world.

9:30am; I go to the pharmacy to get my Subs and pick up Sundays at the same time. I talk to the chemist about the best route to go Kensington, which is where the pharmacist lives and drives everyday to go to work. I assume there's a decent way. There is. We then chat about cravings and other bits which is useless in this document. 

Get back home with some more coffee, more spongebob and a nicotine fix. It starts to dawn on me that in just a short few hours L and I will be on our way to London... TO SEE KEVIN SMITH!!

Fast forward (imagine everything x4 which includes ; A dressed, pop in to see L's grandparents as it's her Grandmothers birthday, more coffee, head home and more coffee. We drop A off and...) on the 'A3' which is a very, very small version of Route 66, or just a really long motorway/highway for you American readers (I used Route 66 because that's the only long road out there I can think of. Sorry!. If anyone is reading this other than myself thinking "Why'd I bother!?" We laugh, chat shit and in just under two hours we are at Olympia, London. I pull up outside a multi-story car park and jump in the back seat. I can not hold my piss in any more. I don't care who sees me, they're in the wrong anyway.. give a guy some fucking privacy, right?!

We go into the car park and instantly find a place to park and do so. I throw the Strawberry Ribena bottle, which is of course no longer 'Strawberry Ribena', and we make our way downstairs to scope the building out. We walk full circle and find where we need to be for the gig and realise if we'd walked the other way from the car park, it's taken a 30 second walk. But on the plus side, we saw awesome cosplay. Too many Negans (The Walking Dead) in my opinion. There was one Negan who, in my opinion, should have asked his Mothers opinion and listened to her because there's no way she said 'oh dear, you look so much like him and so, so intimidating!' 'Thanks mum! I can't wait! I just can't!' ... sorry, I go off on tangents. Also, at least he tried! Who am I to judge!?

10 minutes to the show, the cue is absolutely fucking insane. We are no way near the front but luckily we are not at the back because it is looooooooong. We start shuffling in, tickets scanned and.. IN. WE. GO!

We get in and there's seats so close to the stage we immediately pick ours and park our asses. 

After a short wait the 'Pit Boss' jumps up on stage and welcomes us, tells us not to record which clearly, no one listened of course because.. 'FUCK YOU PIT BOSS!' (Of course I got a few snaps, I have idolised this man since I was 13 years old!)

*Heart starts pounding*

"Ladies and Gentlemen.. KEVIN SMITH & SCOTT MOSIER!!!!!" (Scott Mosier most recently Co-Directed the new 'The Grinch' film by Illumination!)The crowd (quite bare but busy enough considering the line, you know?) the crowd goes absolutely insane, including myself. My heart is beating so fast it feels as if I've just hoovered a couple G’s of Peruvian blow up my nose. He's so close to me, my hero, my inspiration.. The guy I have idolised since I was 13 was right fucking there! Right there!! I could have passed out. I really could. It was insane. My heart was beating so fast I didn’t know whether to have a panic attack or scream his name as if he’d given me the best time of my life in bed. L got me one of the greatest gifts with this. She really outdid herself and then some. I fucking love that woman with ALL of my heart. I’m so glad that the real Justin is back because I’m going to make it up to her for the rest of our lives. No matter how big or small, I’ll do I couldn’t shut the fuck up! It was like I’d just taken a couple bombs of 'Base' (Speed) talking and talking and talking. Poor L. God I love her. 

So again, one of the 'Gifts of Sobriety' being in arms reach of your Hero! I am an avid Podcast fan and I started off listening to just 'Smodcast Network' shows like 'Smodcast' 'Jay & Silent Bob Get Old' - Get Old is a Podcast about Jason Mewes and his Heroin Addiction and this would later help me in ways I cannot explain, the brutal honesty, the stories, the laughs... It's just a great show and I could not tell you enough to just listen to it from Episode 1, I've listened to them over and over again. There are more of the 'Smodcast Network' so just get to it! I also listen, more recently Recovery Pods like, 'Dopey Podcast', 'DONTDIE W/ Bob Forrest', '#Thislife, you live W/ Dr. Drew & Bob Forrest' and many many many more but those are the KEY Podcasts I listen to for Recovery.

This post is about how life really can turn around for you for the better! The little things that just make life bearable when things are down. L really got me on this one, getting me those tickets I just couldn't believe it. I was so happy and proud that I was back to 'Me' for her to see that and give me something she knew I would not only appreciate but hold so close that... euch I'm getting cringe.

So there it is, my second 'Gift of Sobriety' there's more coming and there'll be more to come that I am unaware of but, if I was still using and alive, not dead, there is no way that this would have happened. Who knows, I could be dead! Think about that!



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