The Struggle Is Real

By Marc McMahon 08/15/18

Are you struggling to stay clean and sober? Do you relapse always after a short time in recovery? Are you at your witts end as what to do, where to turn for help or if there is any help out there that will work at all? Are you in this place today? If so I just want you to know that it is going to be ok and I don’t just say that because it sounds good or cliche’ but because I have been to that dark place of constant relapse that led me to such depression I tried to commit suicide 3x because I didn’t think there was any help left out there for me, not after ten inpatient treatment tries over 15 years. I say it because I made it out of that spot alive by God’s grace believe that because it is so true!

I say it because I firmly believe given enough tries that recovery can work for everybody. The only problem is sometimes it kills us before our time ever comes. We see that daily with the opioid epidemic. And sometimes watching our friends die can cause us to distort reality and lead ourselves to believe that death is probably our fate too, or are thought to be easy way out. But, it’s not. Death does not need to be the end to anybody’s story it just so happens that it is. That some of us pay the ultimate consequence for flirting with the devil’s poison in the first place.

But with that being said there is still hope, there is still help, and you still have a way out. Take me for example. I spent the better part of these past 12 years homeless with the exception of the occasional shelter bed or a nights reprieve at a local mission I was homeless continually from 2006 until I met up with a stranger who told me about the Eugene waitlist for low-income housing. But today I have been housed for almost two years straight and I am a year and a half clean and sober and just returning from my third vacation of the summer. Sound too good to be true?

Well, it’s not. You too given the effort and intestinal fortitude required can achieve this. You can not only achieve what I have but well beyond my friends. Put no limitations on your thinking, believe you can be anything you want because you can. Even if you don’t really believe you can be anything you want to, tell yourself you can anyways and eventually you will trick yourself into believing you do without even really trying.

It is kind of like me going back to school recently. My internal talk tells me I have failed at this before and even relapsed because of it and if I try again Ill get the same results. But, I ignore that today the best I can because I can be anything I want or like I said at least that’s what I tell myself. In doing so I am able to muster up the courage to take on the task of going back to school and succeeding this time. To make a new memory and have a new outcome for my new life.

Change is scary but we need to have enough faith in our own ability to do things because sober we can do anything. Like I have said before sober we can change the world. Sober we can be anything we want to be my friends. Start believing that today, start telling yourself you can and begin to watch yourself grow! If you need help with your recovery reach out, my contact info is on my home page and we can chat if you like because from now on your never alone. I love you my friends have a very blessed day.

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