Spiritually Fit

By Matt Martinez 2018 08/03/18
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There's a term for my goal every day. It's called, being "Spiritually Fit." It's derived from the relationship I have with my higher power. It starts with accepting that only my higher power can keep me sober. It's evolved over the time I've stayed in recovery. Being spiritually fit keeps me sane. It gives me a purpose every day. Ultimately, it will keep me sober.

Materialistic ambitions is a sign I'm not being spiritually fit. Sometimes I want to work two or three jobs to make a lot of money. I'll start to look up potential avenues for a side income. If it gets bad enough, I'll even start applying for jobs. As an alcoholic, I'll want more money, now. Worse, more money isn't enough. I'll always want more. When that doesn't happen immediately, I start to feel anxious. The spiritually fit answer is also the rational one. I'm comfortable with my job now. I have a career. I'm taken care of. Not practicing gratitude for what I have threatens my spirituality. It also causes me anxiety. I've met people who put making money before their program. They went back out. The first thing they lost was their income. Working one job and having time for my program will keep sober. Being grateful for what I have will keep me sane. 

I need to meditate every day. That keeps me spiritually fit on a micro level. Reading 86-88 shows me it's not about myself. It's about being of service to another person. Taking a few minutes to meditate on that thought helps to make sure I'm going to have a good day. If I do it consistently, I will have good days, consistently. When I don't start the day by reading those pages, it's anyone's game. I don't have patience, I'm self-seeking, I experience self-pity, and I burn myself out. Some days, many people need my help. I may come home exhausted. I'm not burned out. After a good night's rest, I'm ready for another day well lived.

Putting trust in my higher power is a big one. Seeking control of my future is another indicator I'm not being spiritually fit.  I'm good at planning to mess up my future. Conceptually, I need control. In reality, I don't want it. I try to predict something I can't predict. I'll prepare for something I can't prepare for. It will drive me crazy. Again, being spiritually fit correlates to my sanity. The reality is, only my higher power has control. I need to accept that I don't. Once I accept it, I experience relief. I stop worrying about what will happen. I focus on living in the moment. I start to enjoy life. 

My relationship with my higher power has grown in sobriety. I've had to work on developing spiritual practices. Today I consider myself a spiritual person. It's taken time and effort. I've reaped immeasurable rewards. Now I have a purpose. Every day has a chance to be a good day. These are a few ways I stay spiritually fit. What are some ways you maintain spiritual fitness? Comment below. 

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