Sobriety and faith gets you through

By Neet8 04/11/19

Hi there, my name is Anita and by the grace of God and AA, I have been sober for over 20 years. I have seen a lot of things happen during my recovery. I have been to several funerals of loved ones, attended weddings of friends and celebrated Christmas and new year both on my own and now with my partner Paul.

I have been published in several poetry books and have created my own website which is devoted to health, wellbeing, faith and healing.

I have adopted my rescue cat Dexter, whom I adore and battled several bouts of severe depression. I have also stopped all contact with my mother.  This last act was the most difficult of all.

But more importantly I have found my faith in God again, by going back to church which has given me a new purpose in life.

The reason I am telling you this, is that I managed to do all these things, without picking up a drink. If I had still been drinking, I would not had the presence of mind, to sort out anything. I would have been unable to organise myself enough to attend a funeral on time or get to a wedding without showing myself up. I certainly would not have been in a fit state to look after a cat, because most of time while drinking, I could not look after myself.

I strongly believe that without divine intervention from my higher power, whom I believe to be God, I would have died drunk a long time ago.

With sobriety comes, strength and through faith comes endurance even through the hard times. Anyone will tell you that life suddenly does not get better just because you stop drinking. All the bills, problems etc are still there, we just choose to face them in a sober manner and not escape through alcohol anymore.

I guess what I am trying to say is that whatever life throws at me, I can deal with it in a sober frame of mind, and for that strength, I will be forever grateful. Thanks for reading and God bless to you all wherever you are love from Anita xxx


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