The Ripple Effect

By Sherryk 11/23/18
A rock with eyes, change, strength

When I was a kid, I loved to walk along the waters edge and look for rocks to skip across the water. Only certain rocks would do, they had to be the correct size to skip and not sink. Rocks are continually changing from one type to another. They are eroded and washed away by the wind and water. The wind carries the sand that acts like sandpaper to smooth and shape the rocks. They are tumbled about in the rush of the forceful waters. They are transported to different locations. They become worn, broken, and smoothed to a different size and shape.

The end result is often a durable rock or stone that is beautiful and colorful.
A real gemstone that could be made into a necklace or used in a rock collection.
If rocks could talk, they would have a great story to tell. One of change and strength.
People often refer to something strong as being " solid as a rock".
When a large rock is thrown into the water it makes a loud splash before it sinks, and it makes a ripple effect effect in the water. The ripple effect gets bigger and bigger as it spreads out across the surface.

If I was a rock in active addiction, I would have been the large rock with the big ripple effect. A rough around the edges, sharp and jagged rock.
I now realize the ripple effect my rock had on those around me.
If my rock had a name, it would have been called "Chaos".
If Chaos was thrown in anger, it hurt when it hit the target.
Regardless of it being a direct hit, or the ripple effect , it still hurt.

In sobriety, Chaos is being changed into a different rock. My rock is now smoother around the edges, and glossy. More like that of a worry rock.
It is better fitted for skipping across the water than for being hurled at an object.
It can cover more distance as it skips what appears to be effortlessly. It's not, it's just getting easier.

My new rock is named "Peace". I'm grateful that my rock has been on such a journey, and that it is still in the process of changing. I'm also grateful that my rock realizes that it has no control where it will be taken, or how hard the wind and storms will be.
There is no fighting the current of raging waters, and only God controls the wind and waves. My rock will continue to be smoothed and polished in its time.
The rock named Peace will indeed be a rare and beautiful gemstone.


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