By DB5150 01/29/19
dog relaxing in hammock, mental health

Overthinking leads to overhyped expectations. Our desires will surpass our needs every time we lose sight of the ultimate goal, to lead a life of sobriety, but the roads we choose to get there will only work if they are ones traveled by us. Other people can pave them, lay the foundations, and track the maps, but unless we walk those steps ourselves we will never reach our destination. Also, some of us can enjoy the travel through a wide angle lens, but there are those of us that need to focus on every individual step because we wind ourself so tightly, and we cannot afford to lose focus of what we need to do, thus we over complicate even the most minute issues, compounding them with the more massive one of which we’re already affixed.

I speak softly because I hear myself yelling inside my own head, even when I’m engaged in silent contemplation. My thoughts travel so quickly and I become excited about the positive moments I hope to create that day, but I also think about every curveball that life could potentially throw at me, and from Plan A to Plan F, I think I’m ready, but I know I have to remind myself that I never truly will be ready for everything, especially knowing myself like I do - I am my own worst enemy. I am my harshest critic and when things don’t turn out the way I planned, I blame myself when I really had no control over the variables that deterred my short term goal in the first place. What I do control is how I react to those curve balls; how much I allow them to frustrate me or instead how I allow them to teach me, to remind me that taking a step back, remembering to breathe (because I do forget from time to time), are tactics that help me refocus and rationalize the things going wrong at the time.

Fundamentals of desirable thinking are essential to active, healthy progress. Keep it simple, don’t forget to practice the basics - even if it’s necessary to focus one hour at a time rather than one day at a time - and everything else, while perhaps not immediately becoming easier, will definitely become less complicated.


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