Peace, Love, and Sunshowers: Thoughts on the Death of Chris Cornell

By rvarobynrecovery 06/10/21
Memorialized at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Originally written May 18th, 2017 (updated on the same date in 2021)

Many of you who know me personally know I have a deep and fierce love for music... for those who don't know, there hasn't been a special day in my whole life without an accompanying song. I know so many of you probably feel the same. Music is the beautiful, and often tragic, backdrop for any significant life events. It fires me up and soothes my soul, and has given an award-winning score to my own recovery. Music is the pulse for which my heart beats. 

Today, that pulse hit a downbeat... the loss of Chris Cornell is a hard one, I've loved him with every ounce of my teenage soul forever. And to add the possibility that his mortal end was possibly in his own hands is heartbreaking.

Friends, this goes beyond COVID and politics and pictures of last night's dinner or highlights from the big game. And especially beyond attacking people you hardly know over matters that may be outside of your concern....

The way I see it, I've survived almost 40 (gulp) years of dizzying highs and devastating lows, and I've gotten here this long with one simple principle: Reach Out.

If your heart is stuck on someone, call them.

If you feel there's more to say, then there is.

If you have amends to make, then make them.

And most importantly, if your heart is hurting... REACH OUT.

I've been there. So many times I’ve struggled to find that one person to reach out to, scrolling madly through the phone to try to make it all make sense, or just find a cure for the pain.

Friends, the only cure for pain on this earth IS love, and we find that in each other. So if I've known you a lifetime or a minute, put a check by my name in your phone, and if you EVER need a "reach out", I will be there.

Peace, Love, and Sunshowers,

Robyn (Chris Cornell fan, Robin Williams fan, and YOUR biggest fan)


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