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OUR WICKED WORLD Addict Radio- Speak Junkie Speak!

By Our Wicked Worl... 10/24/19
Our Wicked World Addict Radio

OUR WICKED WORLD Addict Radio - Episode 002 - Speak Junkie Speak!

...with your host Telegram Sam

"For all the users, abusers & 12-time losers..."

New podcast from old junkie who had to quit ten years ago cuz too much of a good thing is not a good thing... ie: The rising cost of diminish returns...

They told me you must "Find your passion and pursue it!"

But what if your passion is hustlin and scoring and shootin dope? Then things pretty much suck cuz it's not a passion that ends well. So about a dozen years ago I used "Harm Reduction" to get off a many-times-daily H/Speedball habit/obsession...

And then my partner recently said: "Why don't you do something with all the shit in your head? You were a junkie for 30 plus years. You must have gone through some shit. Figure it out. Don't be one of these lazy assholes that just sits around complaining and whining about the good old days. You hate people like that. Don't become one of them."

So I figured wtf, i'll give it a shot and recorded some shit on YouTube but YT is kind of a sewer so I looked into podcasting networks and got on Podbean cuz it's pretty easy and they offer decent advice so I've got 2 shows up so far...

Episode 002 - Speak Junkie Speak! These are some monologues about putting out dope, scoring, how I started using (a parasite on my mother's benzo habit when I was a kid.) and some music I dig from that is not ripped off. I hate rip offs cuz I was ripped off so much when I was using. Yeah, I know it's an occupational hazard of being a dope fiend but it still gets on my nerves. So the music is Creative Commons licensed to used in exchange for attribution and if you make money while using their tracks, you're expected to be a fuckin mensch and pay them their royalty, which is really not much.

Episode 001- Is the DEA a drug cartel? If you haven't seen the IG's report on the DEA's role in 300,000 opioid related overdoses deaths, it reads like the Escobar himself runs that evil as fuck $3 billion per year, utterly out of control so-called police agency.

A couple of highlights: While opioid overdoses were going up 71% per year, the DEA was licensing producers to pump out 400% MORE opioids and licensing them with NO background checks. None. There are no controls on the DEA. The Adminstrator is a political appointee who has no real power and whose only purpose is to serve as a sacrificial goat whenever the agency gets in shit, which is often.

Three Adminstrators have resigned in disgrace since 2013. The real power is the Asst Adiminstrator, Preston Grubbs, a cop that's been at the DEA for 35 years. In all the time the DEA has existed since created by the Nixon administration in 1973, illicit drugs entering or produced in the US have gone up ever single year. DEA agents have lied to Congress, killed unarmed civilians in Latin America, and been caught partying with cartel dudes down in Columbia, along with cartel paid sex workers joining the fun.

And here's the kicker. The DEA can "confiscate" (steal) your money, house, car, assets simply by "suspecting" you are involved in the drug trade and without ever laying any charges. $3.2 billion has been stolen from Americans and non-Americans since 2007. So the DEA is really nothing more than a powerful criminal organization. There's a lot more in my review of the podcast. Click on the link up above to hear both shows.

So I'm going to keep doing these half hour shows. I'd really like to talk to people who were, are or a maybe on the way to being addicts, or family, friends and even junkie haters. I'm also going to feature a guy who's a leading medical cannabis advocate since CBDs seem to be helping a lot of people stuck in addiction, along with PTSD, chronic pain and other conditions.

So check out the shows and if you want to be on Our Wicked World addict radio and say your piece, drop me a line at this blog or at: [email protected] or [email protected]

And let's all get through one... more... day...



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