One Day

By jrweaver 08/12/19

There will come a day when you finally wake up and say ‘enuff of this bs!!’ This post can be for anyone, and anything.  It’s about having enough of any bad or toxic situation.   You just get tired of being tired and making excuses.  You’ve had enough so you decide to change.  Change is something we don’t like to do so we stay in bad situations longer than we should.  Bad relationships, bad work or personal environments, drugs or alcohol, etc.  Facing the stone cold, harsh truth is rough but it’s cleansing.  Tuesday nights I sit in on this class with drug court, I don’t have to be there but it helps them to see that we do get better and it helps me remember the days past of where I’ve been,  We had to do this addiction worksheet about our past experiences on different stages of  addiction, covering if we ever ‘felt this way or acted this way.’  The Addiction stages were ‘early, middle, late’ and it was about 34 yes/no questions.  All my answers were ‘yes,’ I could have been sad or embarrassed about it but I wasn’t because I already knew and accepted what I was and where I’ve been.  To the Gates of Hell.  I don’t sugarcoat my past, and please don’t get me wrong, I do have my regrets on the years wasted, the relationships destroyed but I survived to take my life back and free my mind.  No longer do I just ‘survive’ day to day, today I am like a guy that was on death row for 24 years and got a last second pardon from execution, I’m free from the chains that bound me, I’m  free from active addiction and I’m  loving my new life!  So change is inevitable imo, one way or another YOU will change, whether it’s jails, institutions or death, or facing your fears to embrace recovery and finally living that life you always dreamed about.  If Nothing changes then NOTHING MOFO CHANGES, your choice where you go from here


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