New beginnings

By Sobrietymom13 10/05/18


Today I am free.  I got off from my six months of house arrest.  Well i got to unplug the equipment.  It is Saturday so i have to wait until Monday to get the ankle bracelet off.   I dont know how many people could and  would say house arrest is a blessing but for me it definitely was.  I wanted to take the six months and find myself and that's exactly what I did.  Now at 43, I will be 44 in November I can honestly say I love life.  I know who I am and what I want.  I have changed mentally and spiritually.  As soon as I get rid of this bronchitis, which I believe is another sign from God because its early this year, I will get out there and start my life.  All jokes aside, through this I can now start helping at the soup kitchen again, something I've always wanted to do and most importantly continue my writing and blog sobrietymom.  I am thankful to write on here and 3 other media sites.  My sobriety is very important to me and I love sharing.  I hope I can continue to share and pass the message.  Hugs.

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