My road to recovery

By Kashag 02/18/20

It’s been a long road 

2 years

20 years

40 actually 

It was never anyone else 

Always me

the collateral damage of my

own insecurity 

Facing the depth 

Of my own despair

and feeling of


Looking at the bottom 

I hope of 

My self loveless ness

I dragged myself away

From the abyss

For once 

One of the hardest things 

I’ve ever done. 

I can begin to see a single ray through

What felt like an infinite cloud

I wasn’t sure I ever would 

I ever could

but today

I’m here 

in recovery 

and I’ll make it

one day at a time

one hour at a time

one moment at a time 


Kasha G

Healing through poetry



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