My ketamine infusion for chronic pain

By Karen Ketamine 10/08/18

Prior to my hospital admission for a ketamine infusion for chronic pain I struggled to find information that would help me understand what I was getting myself into. What would it be like, what would happen to me, what would I be doing for the nine days of the hospital stay?

My blog follows my experience from deciding to have the ketamine infusion, my expectations and journey through it and out the other side many month later.

As my aim with this blog is to make more information available about this treatment from the patient's point of view I am very interested in hearing from other people.

A friend of mine has had the infusion twice and she said she could identify with a lot of things I wrote about. She said she experienced the same frustrations and also developed a stutter. She told me that she also worked hard to appear normal and as if she was coping when her family came to visit.

If you have had a ketamine infusion and would like to contribute how it was for you I would like to hear from you. If you have supported someone else going though the infusion and would like to write something to be included in this blog that would be appreciated. If you are thinking about, or planning on having an infusion and want to add your thoughts on the subject that would be great.

You can email me at [email protected].


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