My Friend

By Boozemusings Co... 04/11/18

May I take your hand my friend
For I have fallen.
I have stumbled on the stones
And cannot rise unaided.
My limbs are weak,
My mind is clouded.
I need your grip
If only but to stand.

May I lean on you my friend
For I am tired.
So many nights have I slept
Among the thorns.
No comfort there,
No chance to dream.
I need your strength
If only just in passing.

May I sit with you my friend
For I need to feel you close.
So many days I am alone,
Myself my own companion.
Along the road,
Unshod and lost.
I need your time
If only for a moment.

May I speak with you my friend
For I cannot bear my silence.
I need to hear your voice
And say my words aloud.
I have been mute
And sadly deafened.
I need your conversation
If only by your grace.

May I walk with you my friend
For your pace is strong and steady.
I need to journey on
And join you at your side
My way is lost,
The path unclear.
I need your faithful guidance
If only for awhile.

May I laugh with you my friend
For you have made me joyful.
You quenched my longing thirst,
When I alone could not.
You raised me up
And dried my tears.
I need you more than ever
If only for today.

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