This Mum's Done With Wine Time

By Boozemusings Co... 11/19/19

Why did I stop drinking? I wasn’t a blackout binge drinker and I didn’t come close to hitting any kind of rock bottom. I just decided it was time to take a break from the booze. As a mother and as a woman my wine time wasn’t serving me well anymore.

My mum was congratulating me on not drinking recently.

I told her I’m not going to lie, I’d really like a cold glass of wine now sitting here chatting on a Friday night with her, especially as I used to do that. But I don’t like what that glass of wine actually is. Not that she was offering me one btw.

I asked my 8-year-old if he noticed a difference between if I’d had a drink and if I hadn’t.

He said yes and he preferred me not having wine as I am “happier, more polite, and do deep breathing” but after a drink I’m “stressed, tired and shouty”.

Wow, worth it being AF ❤

My son said that he is disappointed when I drink as then I’m

“in a really bad mood and not able to have any fun with me as you’re all tired”.

He said he’s happy when I don’t have wine as “then you can enjoy having fun with me”.

I said well I haven’t had any for nearly 48 days and he replied

“Wow mum I’m proud”.

I guess kids know eh ?

Dear Alcohol---- We're through ! 

Dear alcohol,

You give me very few things of benefit
A brief chilled out feeling
But it disappears all too quick

I run after it
Faster and Faster
But then it makes me feel sick
It becomes a disaster
There’s no point denying
that you’re the real master

You hurt me
Humiliate me

I can’t get my balance
I always fall over

Why do I keep on wanting to go back?
I know sooner or later
That you’ll attack!

You’ll damage my body
You’ll damage my mind
I’m sure I’ll find
No peace anymore
It’s you I’m trying so hard to abhor!

And I’m going to keep on trying
Until I just don’t want you anymore

Your power is certainly very scary
But I’ll turn it to my advantage you see
And use it to strengthen my resolve really

Until the winner of our fight
Is me, hopefully x

Don’t cuddle yourself
In the chaos of wine
It’s grip will get tighter and tighter
Over time

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