Moving Mountains

By jrweaver 07/19/19


I am so glad that Recovery isn’t being muzzled in anonymity anymore! My name is Jerry Weaver, Army Vet, alcoholic and drug addict for 17 years. I’ve been homeless, spent years in prison and was a menace to society and myself. November 2017 I pleaded into Charleston County Drug Court for felonies in 2 different counties, then got hit with 4 more felonies from another county. When I had learned about the 4 new charges I had a choice to make, run or face the consequences, I knew if I ran I would always be on the run until I finally got caught, I chose to face the consequences and allowed myself to be arrested at the Ralph H. Johnson VA Medical Center. I had contacted drug court prior to my arrest but was still waiting to hear back from them. Drug court agreed to roll my new charges into my original plea. I had to wait it out in Dorchester County detention center for 90 days while the paperwork was being processed. Instead of the regular jail house routine of pushups and playing spades I decided that I needed to change my whole recovery plan so I wrote and wrote and wrote, those 90 days changed me, those 90 days saved my life. I wrote a personal manuscript that later became my book, The Addiction Manifesto. I had to tear down everything that I kept doing, everything that my addiction was using to control me.

 April 27, 2018 I was released from Dorchester County into the custody of drug court and the next day I returned to the hospital to enroll back into the work therapy training program. Returning to the same hospital that I was arrested, shackled hands and feet and led out to a patrol car just 3 months prior but I did it. I went on to work the training program and a few months later I was accepted into the Sterile Processing Services program, I worked in that program for the next 10 months and I was offered a full time position at the hospital. I really didn’t believe I would be hired because I have multiple felonies on my record, I had graduated drug court in March 2019 and they helped expunge my last few charges but I didn’t think that would be enough to get hired. I kept the faith but we are talking about a federal job in a hospital.

I got hired!! My 1st day was May 27th 2019, I got the job I wanted in the place I wanted to work. I had become passionate in my recovery and wanted to help others find their own recovery. I’m close to the Veteran programs so working there kept me in the place I could be of the best service to my fellow vets. Since then I have been accepted as a mentor for the new Veterans Court. VA Public Affairs has done a story about my journey on its web page, I’m alive today because I chose to get sober, my life is changed today because of my Recovery.

I share my story because I want people to know that if a guy like me can get sober then it’s possible for anyone. I want the world to know that we do recover to lead amazing lives. I am grateful that God used my struggles so that others may find Recovery and escape their own demons.


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